Monday, July 21, 2014

bike rides to the school

There is a new school that has been open for just a year that is about a half mile from our house. Now that Isaac is so good on his bike we have been taking full advantage of the beautiful evenings and heading out for family bike rides to the school to use the playground and basketball court. Usually when we are finished with dinner Isaac will ask if we can go over there and play some ball, do obstacle courses, test out the monkey bars, and just play. There is also a football field and a track over there.

Last week we got there and Jeff was with Anna so I took Isaac on a one on one game of basketball. It was really fun (even though he fouls all the time). I got some good exercise and we had fun as a family.  These are the experiences I want my kids to have as memories when they get older- our family being together as a family doing family fun things. I feel we are off to a good start. 

bball game

jeff and the kids playing