Tuesday, July 22, 2014

bike ride breakthrough

So last year Isaac told us and promised us he could make it down the B & G Milkyway and back on his bike by himself. We finally gave him a shot and he made it there and about halfway home before Jeff had to rig his bike on the trailer to finish the bike ride. So we have put the whole family bike ride and Isaac on a bike to B & G on hold. 

After all the practice Isaac has done in the last 6 weeks when he asked again tonight we thought we would go for it. 

The is not a little bike ride. It is along a really busy street and it is 2 miles there and 2 miles home. 

He did it! He did really well. We kept reminding him to be aware of cars and to slow down and to pay attention. He did almost fall a couple of times and I found myself holding my breath. But he did it and he was so proud of himself!

The only bummer is that Anna doesn't have anyone to ride next to in her trailer.