Wednesday, June 18, 2014

father's day tradition (2014)

We have established a Father's Day tradition and it seems to be working just right. 

We went to the lake for the weekend only to experience mostly rain. 

We spent an afternoon at the indoor water park with Isaac's old school friend who moved away. It was wonderful. The smile on their faces and the giggles coming from them was pretty awesome. We then went to the local brewery and the kids played Jenga with giant pieces. They had fun, we had a few beers- life was good. 

On Father's day we hung with Jeff's parents most the morning and then we went and played mini golf (Isaac's most favorite thing to do). It is safe to say Isaac beat Jeff, and he was really excited about it. We stopped for ice cream quick then went back to the cabin to pack up. We got back to Sioux Falls and met my family for a picnic and swimming. 

It was a pretty perfect day. Happy Father's Day!

father's day mini golfing 
Jeff. John. Isaac. Anna 
my parents and all their grandkids

my daddio and me.