Tuesday, June 3, 2014

cleanings, cavities, root canals. oh my!

Man, this summer is going to be the summer of dental work between Isaac and I. 

I was having some tooth pain a couple weeks ago right before my girls trip to Dallas and wanted to get to the bottom of it ASAP before I left town so it wouldn't ruin my trip. The next thing I know I was at the endodontist getting a double root canal. I had to finish up the root canals this morning and now I have 4 more appointments at my dentist for a new crown on one of the root canals and a crown on a lower cracked tooth that we discovered at the endodontist. It is zero fun.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Anna had a dental appointment and Anna did awesome (my sugar addict) and Isaac had 6 cavities! He has gone in once for one round of fillings and has to go back in next week for another round of fillings.

We will both be happy when this is all done. 

Isaac getting not so good news

numb face