Tuesday, June 10, 2014

cheers to 40 years!

We had a big birthday celebration for Jeff on Saturday night for Jeff's 40th! 

It took a little planning and many prayers for dry weather. It was beautiful on Friday and Sunday but Saturday it was rainy, cool and windy. We originally planned to have a party by the water but as Saturday went on and the wind didn't die down we changed locations to the garage. By the time we went on the water the sun was peeking through and the boat driver found us a really calm location. 

We rented the bigfoot party barge and they took us on a booze cruise from 8-10pm. When we got back we partied until the early morning hours. We danced, sang, ate, laughed, and celebrated the best guy!

I am sure it is safe to say, we all had a great time. We had so much fun with all our friends and family. Having all our friends and family travel to spend the night with us meant more than anything. 

Thank you! Let's do it again- in 10 years!

coozies for all

celebrating my guy

heading out on the party barge!