Sunday, June 29, 2014

camp foster and some girl time

Isaac spent the whole week going to camp last week at the lake. He rode the bus everyday to and from camp and came home everyday with new songs and stories of the different activities he had done during the day. By the end of the week he was not ready to be done. He loved his counselors, Steph and Sideburns (Baily). He can wait to go back next year! Next year he can spend the entire week there- we will see if he is up for that.

While he was at camp I hung out with my friend Ellen. We took the little girls to get pedicures, swimming, napping, etc. Anna even got a hair cut from her 2 year old friend, oops! We had such a fun relaxing week and the weather was perfecto!

bus to camp with Anna saying bye

There he goes

Isaac and his counselors
little hair cut in the middle of her head

swimming girls

wine and inter tubes


tired kids