Sunday, May 11, 2014

collecting signatures

An ongoing issue in Sioux Falls is the school start date. Right now the kids start school in early August and get out of school mid May. The reason this is a problem is because it is not warm in mid May- it is supposed to get down to freezing this week. The pools don't open for a week after schools get out and they still probably won't be open with the cooler temps. In August when it is beautiful and hot the kids are all back in school. We really dislike the calender. The school board wants it this way so the kids take their semester tests before Christmas break. The argument continues back and forth. When the group was formed I have always kind of been on the back end just watching things happen. The group finally got the ok to collect signatures to petition their view and if they got enough signatures they could get it onto a vote and let the public decide. I decided I wanted to help- even though my kids go to private schools and we live in a different school district. I couldn't sign the petition. So I collected signatures and more and more and I turned in about 238 by the end. I sent the organizer a message and just told her I was hoping everything would turn out- they needed 4,700 signatures. She replied and asked if I would be able to come help count the next day- yes! Sounds like something I would love to be a part of. So I went down and helped count and count and count. The Argus Leader showed up, ha! So they ended up getting 6,100 signatures! YAY! So now the school district has to verify all the signatures and if it is a go then the public will get to vote on this in April, 2015. If it passes there will be a law that the kids cannot start school until after Labor Day. I am just hoping the private schools follow so our kids are on the same schedule and we get our August back as a summer month! The kids would then go to school until Memorial day.