Tuesday, April 1, 2014

sweet sissy

Suzie got an opportunity to get out of town for a night and a break from everyday life and asked me to join. We only had a short time to work with so it was quick- but fun. We arrived at the Mall of America on Saturday evening at 5- we power shopped until about 8 and then went to dinner and in bed by 10. Sunday we were up and shopping more and on the road by 3 to come back home to family. 

We had a great time, it is never quite long enough. We always need one more night. Next time we will go earlier and stay later- same conversation we have every time. The thing about Suzie is that we don't need to talk about our plans we just go into action and get it done. I always appreciate the one on one time with her. It is slim pickings these days with all the little kids!