Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brookings House

Since we got home from the South Dakota Children's Museum last evening, Anna keeps telling me she wants to go to Brookings House. The museum is located in Brookings- so that's the connection she is making. 

We went up right with our neighbor and her son right after Isaac got done with school at 11. We got back to Sioux Falls after 5. We spent over 4 hours there and Anna still cried when we left. the boys had so much fun running around busy playing in each area for a small amount of time. repeating certain things over and over. Anna loved about 3 different things. 1. The grocery store- over and over loading groceries and taking them to the cashier and putting them back. 2. The ice cream shoppe being a ice cream waitress and coffee waitress. 3. Playing with the mommy pig and her piglets. Letting them nurse from the mommy to nap time to play time. 

We have such a great time when we go. It is so fun seeing the different things the kids love each time we go because it is always changing. I have to bring Anna back very soon so she can get her fill. She loved every second. 

car fixer

kid selfie

the boys fixing the car

ice cream waitress

grocery store clerk

giant light bright


all 5 of us
Brady. Bridgette. Anna. Me Isaac