Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Celebrating Sonia

One of my most favorite friends is getting married next month and Saturday it was all about her. 

Suzie and I threw a shower for her and it was themed, "around the clock" so everyone who was invited was assigned a different time of day to buy a gift according to that time. It was really fun. We spent a lot of time planning and organizing and it really turned out just how we wanted. We had cupcakes made with clocks on them according to our theme. We tried to use pinks and whites since those are her wedding colors. She was really appreciative. It was really fun planning and organizing with Suzie since we have similar expectations of each other and we had a similar style and food ideas. It's fun to bounce ideas off each other and to find a good balance. We didn't really stop, from the minute the first guest came until the last dish was clean we were busy. By the end of the event we both just wanted to put our feet up and relax- but we had to go get ready for the bachelorette party Saturday evening. 

It was so much fun! Most of our high school friends were in town and we danced and partied and danced some more. I haven't stayed out that late in a long time. It was so much fun celebrating Sonia. I can't wait for her wedding in a few short weeks! 

table settings for the shower


hostesses wear blue :)

out with good friends

Isaac's Spring Concert

Isaac had his spring concert last week- last one before he is officially a kindergartner. Crazy to think the school year is wrapping up and he is going to be at school all day everyday.

Every time I go to his concert I get a little choked up at how well he does and how confident he is. He always makes a point to wave at us and give me a big smile. Proud mama.

I also can't believe next year it will be Anna up there having her concert… 

My babies are definitely growing up. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brookings House

Since we got home from the South Dakota Children's Museum last evening, Anna keeps telling me she wants to go to Brookings House. The museum is located in Brookings- so that's the connection she is making. 

We went up right with our neighbor and her son right after Isaac got done with school at 11. We got back to Sioux Falls after 5. We spent over 4 hours there and Anna still cried when we left. the boys had so much fun running around busy playing in each area for a small amount of time. repeating certain things over and over. Anna loved about 3 different things. 1. The grocery store- over and over loading groceries and taking them to the cashier and putting them back. 2. The ice cream shoppe being a ice cream waitress and coffee waitress. 3. Playing with the mommy pig and her piglets. Letting them nurse from the mommy to nap time to play time. 

We have such a great time when we go. It is so fun seeing the different things the kids love each time we go because it is always changing. I have to bring Anna back very soon so she can get her fill. She loved every second. 

car fixer

kid selfie

the boys fixing the car

ice cream waitress

grocery store clerk

giant light bright


all 5 of us
Brady. Bridgette. Anna. Me Isaac

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We dyed some Easter eggs earlier this week when Suzie and her family were over for dinner. She wasn't going to get into dyeing eggs yet since Sully is pretty little. Sullivan watched the kids dye the eggs and the kids had fun. 

We have an annual Easter tradition that has been going on for about the last 3 to 4 years. We get home from Church and head out to Mandy's sister farm in Colton- about 25 miles North of our home. Jeff and I were commenting on how nice it was this year with our kids being at good ages where we don't have to be watching them every second. They went off and played. A bunch of dads and kids got a game of baseball going. Anna played on the swing set and in the sand box. After lunch there was an Easter Egg hunt and its always a favorite. We had a great day- and it was so nice out!

Happy Easter!

dyeing Easter eggs

hunting for eggs

sweetest kids in the world

quick family pic

happy kid

"no more pictures mom, they are boring"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend in Des Moines

Joe has been living in Des Moines for several years and we haven't gotten down to see him until now. It just has seemed easier for him to come to us since we have a couple kids to pack up and all the stuff that goes along with it. However, Joe has a couple new ladies in his life that we wanted to meet. So we packed up the minivan with some outdoor toys and some sleeping bags and we were off- with Ozzie. 

We arrived Friday evening for dinner. We met Amy and her daughter, Ellie right away for pizza, dress up and a little soccer outside. Anna loved all her princess dresses. Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Joe. We met Amy and Ellie at the zoo. After lunch we went to a lake near downtown where the kids played in the sand and played at the park. We went to dinner at P.F. Chang's and then had dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. There was a little pond near the restaurant and the kids got to feed the ducks and play on the rocks. 

We had a really fun time and really enjoyed meeting and spending time with Amy and Ellie. They were  great. We are excited to see more of them at the lake!



playing at the lake

meeting the easter bunny

feeding the cows! So much fun. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anna's first pedicure

Today I took Anna to get her first pedicure. We walked in and she and picked out her color and we went to find our chairs and she froze. She was not going to sit in that chair and get her feet wet. The gal told her she would empty the water and they would just paint them. She didn't want to sit in the chair so I had her sit in my lap. Then she got brave and wanted to feel the water. As soon as she felt it she asked if she could have water in her chair. So they filled it back up and then she was like a professional. Loving ever second of it. It's safe to say I have a partner for pedicures from now on. 

We got the same color polish. Love her. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Isaac!

Today is a big day in our house! Our big guy turned 6 years old and our mission was to have fun. After school his buddy came with us to the Butterfly house and then we came home for lunch and play. After school Capri came over to play before everyone else came over for the party. He went to bed passed his bedtime and was so tired from all the playing today. The perfect day for a 6 year old. 

We had Seahawks cake, napkins, green and blue everything. He loved it. 

I was telling Jeff last night- 6 years ago we were in the hospital after a long couple of days of labor anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little guy that would change our lives so drastically. It feels like it was last week and forever ago all at the same time. It has been so fun/challenging/exciting/emotional watching him grow up and he is only 6. I can't imagine what the next 6 will be like. He is such a good little boy. He can be so sweet and tender with his grandparents- giving them an extra squeeze and spending a few extra minutes with them to tell them he loves them. He can be so sweet and tender with his sweet little cousins- Greta, Sully and Jace- taking a few minutes to play with them and making them giggle. He can be so sweet and tender with Anna- when I watch them when they don't know I am and he has his arm around her making sure she is safe. Also, when they go off and play together and they get along so well (only sometimes). He can also be so cool and confident playing with his other cousins, aunts and uncles. So cool and confident when he is playing sports with his teammates and neighbors. So cool and confident with his school friends. He can also be a total typical boy- laughing hysterically when he farts and burps. UGH. But I love this kid. He seems to have the perfect balance and is taking my advice and (working on) listening when it really does matter. Of course, his dad is his best pal at the moment. 

6 years ago within this hour the Dr placed this tiny baby boy into my arms and he has amazed me everyday since. I love you, buddy. 

butterfly house

birthday lunch. chicken tenders and strawberries

dinner with some cousins

seahawks party

family birthday pic. 

sully. dave. capri. sophia. hudson


blowing out the candles

seahawks love

mascara fail

sweet sissy

Suzie got an opportunity to get out of town for a night and a break from everyday life and asked me to join. We only had a short time to work with so it was quick- but fun. We arrived at the Mall of America on Saturday evening at 5- we power shopped until about 8 and then went to dinner and in bed by 10. Sunday we were up and shopping more and on the road by 3 to come back home to family. 

We had a great time, it is never quite long enough. We always need one more night. Next time we will go earlier and stay later- same conversation we have every time. The thing about Suzie is that we don't need to talk about our plans we just go into action and get it done. I always appreciate the one on one time with her. It is slim pickings these days with all the little kids!