Monday, March 24, 2014

terrible 6's?

As Isaac's birthday is approaching his attitude is all over the place. I have been really struggling with how to handle and discipline his behavior. He doesn't listen. He talks back. Today he even blew snot at me when he was mad. Yep, snot! I was so mad. 

I take things away and limit time with friends and it doesn't seem to phase him.

He also is calling me a yeller. Which really hurts me. I know I yell and it is because he is not listening and doing the wrong thing and the only way to get his attention is to yell. 

Jeff sat down with him tonight and told him to fix his attitude, so let's hope that works because he is way more interested in pleasing Jeff than me, these days. 

I love this kid to death but he is really making life difficult at the moment.

I hope tomorrow we can both get off to a good start and I don't have to yell and he listens and respects.. All Day Long.