Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Florida Fun!

We spent 10 days in Florida and it was packed full of fun! We hardly sat still and made some many wonderful memories with the extended Oliver family. Everyone came to soak up the sun and to get some major family bonding time in. 

Our family went a couple of days early due to flight issues and we spent 2 nights at Nickelodean Universe Resort. We were able to hang with the Ninja Turtles- Isaac loves them. We did see a little Dora but Anna doesn't want to get near her so it was just as well that we didn't do the meet and greet with her. 

We were also there for my Birthday and the weather was no good that day so we went bowling at Downtown Disney- we had a great time with the kids. Jeff and the kids surprised me with a necklace I have been wishing for over a year- yay! 

We took the kids to Sea World one day, as well. They loved the sea lion show and the dolphin show. It is so fun going to these shows with the kids. They laugh and get so excited about the little things. We ended the day at Sea World with big waffle cones for the kids. 

Jeff and I were able to sneak away for an evening to go to one of his college friends wedding in Tampa. We had a great time with friends for the evening. 

We got back on Monday and went straight to Aquatica, the water park to meet up with everyone. We went on slides and swam in the many pools. The kids loved the lazy river- we just put on life jackets and the current whipped us around. The kids loved it- nonstop giggles. I am pretty sure we spent an hour on the thing. 

Tuesday we had reservations at Discovery Cove- it is an interactive park with swimming with fish, another lazy river and the best was swimming with the dolphins. Everyone was signed up to swim with the dolphins except John and Linda- they stayed back with Jace and Anna. Kids had to be over 6 to swim with them and Isaac is not quite 6 so we told him he had to say he was 6. He was nervous about swimming with them and wanted to back out so he threatened to tell the people he was only 5. We just told him, no and that he was going to have so much fun. Once we got him in the pool and the dolphins came swimming by he was hooked and had so much fun. It was so much fun to watch him experience this. We spent the whole day there and had awesome weather. 

On Wednesday Isaac went with Jack and Patricia to the Space Museum and Linda and John watched Anna while Jeff and I went to Universal to go on adult rides with Scott, Kristy and Joe. It was fun. The rides were crazy and fun. After the rides we stopped at Margaritaville for a drink on our way home. 

Thursday was Magic Kingdom. I had an appointment for Anna to get turned into a princess and that is all she could talk about until the appointment. She didn't want to do anything except go become a princess. When I took her they gave us a dressing room to get into her gown. Once the gown went on she was no longer Anna, she referred to herself as Princess Ariel. When they gave her the make over she didn't hardly move a muscle she was in a trance and when they showed her how beautiful she was she just stared. She wouldn't ride in the stroller for the rest of the day, she would only walk. 

After the princess make over we went to watch the parade. The boys and Anna all loved waving to everyone. The best part was seeing Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. I am so glad we were able to see them. 

Then we got to go meet Ariel. Anna was so in love and asked her so many questions and told her so many things. It was so sweet. After we walked out she told me she wanted to go back to talk to her again, unfortunately it was an hour wait to get back in so we had to move on. Anna is at the best age for this stuff. 

We had reservations for Chef Mickey Thursday evening with Jack and his family. The boys loved this! Talk about fun. They were able to see the characters and not wait in lines. Way better than how we did it a few years ago. They were nonstop smiling, super sweet and fun. They would jump up and down whenever a new character would head our way and yell for them. I loved it!

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom for a couple rides (It's a small world several times) and to watch the fireworks. It was so fun and so worth the long 12 hour day at Disney World, we had the best day!

I can't wait to take the kids back, it probably won't be for a while, though. The kids had so much fun. Isaac's favorite parts were swimming with the dolphins, the parade and Chef Mickey. Anna's favorite part as turning into a princess, meeting Ariel, the parade, the ride, It's a small world, meeting Minnie and the Frozen song at the firework show. 

Thank you so much John and Linda for the magical memories we created in Disney World. We are forever grateful for your generosity. 

Isaac and I meeting the turtles

bowling on my birthday

sea world

dolphin show at sea world

waffle cones

waffle cones

wedding in Tampa


guys racing down the slides

Anna and Grandma at discovery cove

Anna and Jace

Swimming with the dolphins

more swimming

lazy river

lazy river

Jeff and I on the lazy river

John and Linda

boys snorkeling

Patricia and Jace

Jeff and I snorkeling

creating sand angels. She spent hours playing in the sand

playing with joe

crazy kids

fun day!

Universal Studios

Margaritas at Margaritaville

magic kingdom

my princess in the making

beautiful princess

more princess pictures


Kristy and Anna- super sweet


dancing with joe

meeting Ariel

Excited for Goofy

love Mickey!

Anna and Minnie- the only one she would see

Jeff and Minnie

kids at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom



heading home- delays!