Wednesday, February 26, 2014

tough cookies

It all started last week Wednesday- one week ago. Isaac told him he didn't feel good when I picked him up from school. That spiraled into lots of throwing up and more. He was sick on the couch for 2 days. He finally started perking up on Friday but wasn't himself quite yet.

sick Isaac

On Saturday morning I woke up early with the same symptoms and it was awful.

At about 4pm on Saturday Jeff got the same symptoms.

On Sunday we tried to have a normal day with our regular activities planned but we were both still not 100%. 

We thought we were through it. 

Tuesday early early morning Anna came in with throw up all over. Nooo! Not her. I did not want her to get it, she doesn't understand. While Isaac was at school she got sick over and over and couldn't keep anything down. I would give her juice or water and it would come up a little later. She didn't want to use the bucket. She would yell, no mommy! At one point she had her head in the bucket and she pulled her head up and threw up right in my face. (I have experienced a lot of not so fun stuff as a mom, but this might be on the top). She just wanted to throw up in towels. By early afternoon I was able to get her to take a tub- I had to get in and hold her, she just didn't have any energy. It broke my heart. After her tub I started putting things together in my head and she hadn't gone potty since the night before. I started doing a little research and talked to Suz and decided I better call the Dr. The nurse suggested just trying to keep encourage fluids and if she hadn't thrown up since mid morning she might be making a turn for the better. So after we hung up I just tried to get her to take small sips. At about 3 she threw it all up. The nurse called back at 330 and I told her about the recent throw up. The next step was to go to the Emergency Room because she is must be dehydrated and needs fluids. The minute I heard the words I couldn't stop the tears. I did not want to take her in, I knew it meant an IV and I didn't want it. My sweet little girl is so little we can't explain why this is happening. I kind of pleaded with the nurse that maybe we could wait until morning and she just kept telling me this was what the Dr recommended. Ok, I do understand. I called Jeff and he came home and we took Isaac to the neighbors. 

We got in and got things started right away and yes, she was dehydrated and yes we would have an IV for fluids and do some lab work. Anna was so brave. Anna held really still and once the needle went in, her little lip started quivering and I knew she was trying to fight back those tears, I just told her it's ok to cry, I know it hurts. She was so sad. I was so sad. She had big tears. Once they got all the blood drawn they got the fluids started and we turned on some cartoons and she was zoned. She went potty for the urine test and then we just hung out. The Dr came in later and told us she also had a Urinary Tract Infection. Weird, I was not expecting that. So they gave her an antibiotic through the IV and wanted to see how she reacted and maybe wanted to keep her overnight for observation. She zonked out and once the Rx was done they let us go. 

She is getting better and better. Today is a world of difference from yesterday but she isn't totally better yet. 

She is one tough cookie, 

sick anna

waiting for the Dr

resting and getting fluids

she is sleeping so I'm watching the bachelor

her little IV in her arm

hospital bracelet