Tuesday, February 18, 2014

snow skis and bowling balls

With the long weekend and having no plans for the weekend we did some kid friendly activities. The weather is finally bearable to be outside. It has been the coldest winter in years. Everyone is sick of hearing and talking about it. 

Jeff and Isaac went skiing while Anna and I waited in line for the tube hill. By the time we got to the front of the line Anna didn't want anything to do with the tubing so Isaac came with me for a run while Anna and Jeff waited for us. Anna and I went in to get some hot chocolate while Jeff and Isaac practiced skiing some more. Isaac did a really good job. He got distracted on the bunny hill because there were so many people. Once Jeff took him up the chair lift they got a little more space to work and Isaac did a really good job. 

On Monday the kids and I met Emma, Nora and their mom at the bowling alley. Isaac and Emma have been really good friends for the last couple of years. He says she is his girlfriend and thinks she is beautiful with her golden hair. We all had so much fun. The kids cheered each other on. We hope to do it again. Unfortunately Emma and her family are moving to the cities in April. We will make a point to get together with them at the lake. 

What a fun weekend!


Isaac and Emma

Jeff and Isaac

Anna. Isaac. Emma. Nora

tubing buddies!

off he goes!