Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Ultimate Bachelor/Bachelorette Pool

I have been involved in this Bachelor/Bachelorette pool for years. I actually used to be in charge of it. Not anymore. My friend, Michelle is. So it is really fun and the group has expanded over the years and now there are 108 people playing and more that just follow along with the emails. It fun and hilarious and people are in this group from all over the country. Some of us know each other and others may only know one other person in the group. Which has made if fun because we have all gotten to know each other over the years- via email. There is one guy who starts the discussion on Monday evening after he has watched, in CA. Then the rest of us email and reply and it is fun and funny. 

So one of my friends sent me a link that the Argus is doing a story on Bachelor viewing parties so I emailed her and told her a little bit about our group. She came over the watch with a few of us on Monday. It was really fun. I asked her to send me a couple of photos since she had a photographer with her. I got one and am waiting for another. They are running the story in the Argus on Sunday, Feb 2nd. Ha! 

She came over and hung out with us. While she was there we facetimed Dave and Michelle and we all met kind of for the first time. It was so funny putting a voice to the emails. We watched the show and laughed and chatted. It was really fun!

So I prepared the whole day. getting rid of toys and paying attention to special details since it's going to be in the paper! 

chocolate covered strawberries made by Isaac and myself

Roses for everyone to take home

The rose in the room like on the show

our viewing party

meeting other bachelor people via facetime.
This is a pic from the argus. 

decorating the Christmas tree