Saturday, December 28, 2013

Isaac in Mitchell

My dad has the De La Salle (his high school) basketball team over for dinner every year when they are on their way to Mitchell to play in the Mike Miller Classic. Last year Isaac was able to be there for the dinner and loved it. He loved every second of it. Since we were out of town for the dinner this year my parents picked Isaac up on their way to the basketball game in Mitchell. I was certain he would fall to sleep on the way considering we had to get up super early to catch the flight from Arizona. Nope. They had a really good time watching slam dunks and big plays. After the game they stopped and saw my grandpa. I am sure Isaac was happy to see him as we talk about him a lot- mostly because Isaac is so curious about how he is 98 years old. When I got the picture message from my mom my heart melted. I love it. I know Isaac had a great time and what a special treat- to have both of my parents all to himself. 

watching the game

Isaac (5)- Grandpa Wally (98)

Arizona Christmas

This was our year to head South for Christmas to be with Jeff's family. We had a fun week enjoying the warmer weather. While temps were below zero at home we were very happy with the 60 degree temps. We managed to hit the pool several times, Isaac went to football practice with Jaxson, we went to the park and the train park, and we went to watch the horse race. We spent as much time outdoors as we possibly could. Isaac and Jaxson played together as much as possible. We also spent a lot of time with Kristy and Scott. Isaac has totally joined in with them and loves the Seahawks. Anna soaked up her time with Uncle Joe and Kristy and Scott, and Patricia. While the boys played outside with Jeff and Jack- football and monkey in the middle were the games they wanted to play. Jace was right there with everyone, too. Working on his new moves and new words! We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day by the pool during the day and then with family at night. It was perfect. It was hard to come home, but we are looking forward to being with the Oliver family again in March. 

Enjoy all the pictures

boys at football practice

Anna swimming


Isaac and Jaxson

Jeff and Anna at the train park

the boys and patricia at the train 

The boys swimming

Jeff swimming

Jeff and Anna

wave pool

floating around

happy boy

Christmas eve swim

Arizona Chrismas

Anna and Patricia

Anna and Joe

best buds- Isaac and Jaxson

Christmas morning

Christmas swimming

Christmas cocktails

Joe and the kids

John and Linda with the kids
fun family!

"east side" shirts
Anna and Jaxson watching the horse race

new rug

I have been antsy for a change in my life. I was eyeing a new rug and couldn't get the idea of a new rug out of my head. After shopping around I kept coming back to "the one" I had found a few months ago in a store here in Sioux Falls. Just what I wanted. A super soft solid shag rug with a punch of color. Time to get rid of the hand me down from my mom. 

Do you love it?

living room before

living room after

Monday, December 16, 2013

Anna's 3rd Birthday!

I cant believe my baby is 3! As much as I get sad to think she is growing up I am also excited for the fun things we can start doing now that they are both out of the baby stages. 

She kept asking when she could go to her Birthday. 

We had a really fun and busy day. Anna and I had Kindermusik this morning- one of her favorite things. For her action she did birthday jumps and made sure to let everyone know it was her birthday. After we picked Isaac up from school we met Jeff at the pottery painting place. That went mostly well- it gets a little hectic but we managed to get some painting done. This afternoon we had a Birthday party with family. 

She loved blowing out her candles. It took her several tries. She loved her Dora cake. She loved opening presents. She couldn't open them fast enough before she was ready to open the next one. She was in constant motion. Once everyone left she was able to play with a few toys before she finally went to sleep. I know she is excited to get up tomorrow morning to get into the toys she didn't get to tonight. 

She had a really fun day. 

Daddy came to paint pottery! 

Family Birthday picture

blowing out her candles

tearing through presents

Connelly Chritmas

Since we are heading to Arizona for Christmas my family got together on Sunday to celebrate Christmas. We had a really nice morning. We had a Christmas brunch and the kids had so much fun running all over the house during one long play date. We even took a family picture, all 20 of us now! 

Connelly family 2013

Christmas Concert

Isaac had his school Christmas concert last week. Every time I go to his concert I get a little emotional and just have to take a minute to soak it all up. I am so proud of him. I love seeing him grow up and interact with his classmates and teachers. 


quick family pic

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We went to see Santa tonight. Anna was adamant about not sitting on Santa's lap and wanted Jeff to hold her. Which is fine. So I wrote the letters for the kids and Isaac signed them.

When we got to the mall Anna walked her letter right up to Santa and walked away. Isaac took his time and sat on his lap and went over everything he wanted. 

Hopefully next year Anna will be more into it.

Isaac's letter

Anna's letter

This is as close as she got.
Santa is glaring at me. You aren't supposed
to take pics. OOPS!

Anna's 3 year appointment and Kindergarten shots for Isaac

I have not been very good about keeping up with yearly dr appointments with my kids. So today I scheduled Anna's 3 year appointment and Isaac's 5 year appointment with kindergarten shots. He turned 5 in April, oops! But we got it all done in one appointment. 

Anna was a total chatterbox and such a big girl. She let the Dr check her all over. She even took some time to show her a few owies- maybe even a couple of fake ones. Isaac did well, too. Took big breaths when asked and followed directions. 

Then it was time for shots, Anna got one and jumped up on the table and asked to go first. OK! She laid still and just twitched a little when she got her shot, not one tear. Isaac was big and brave for his shots- he got 5 pokes! Jeff and I kept telling him to breath as he was holding his breath. He did awesome, too. No tears! Easy peasy!

weight - 44.2lbs (46%) Height - 44 inches (38%)
weight - 29.2lbs (34%) Height - 37 inches (42%)

brave girl

Monday, December 9, 2013


I am going to have to credit this to the fact that Anna is almost 3. They are finally play together and have fun together. As I type this they have been playing for about 2 hours without fighting. Finally! I have been waiting for this. They bake food, they play pretend, etc. It really is so fun to listen to them. 

I can't believe Anna is going to be 3 soon. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Seahawks fan?

Kristy and Scott were in town for the funeral and their team, the Seahawks played Monday night football. Isaac was really excited to watch the game with them. Boy, none of us knew what we were getting into. They screamed and cheered every time the hawks made a play. Isaac loved it and was soon joining them in high fives, knee wiggles, and cheering! It was pretty cute. I think Jeff might be a little nervous that he might forget about the Cowboys and have a new favorite team!

rest in peace, grandma cal

Jeff's phone rang extra early last Wednesday morning. Early enough for us to know it was something more than a work call. It was his mom calling from Arizona telling him that his grandma was dying and he needed to go wake up his grandpa since he wasn't answering his phone. So Jeff was on his way. After I dropped Isaac off at school and Anna at my mom's I went to sit with Jeff and Iver. It was very peaceful and quiet. Nurses and caretakers stopping in every few minutes to check on her and offer everyone something to drink or eat. Cal was taking deep slow breaths. Sue, John, Mark and Matt all arrived before her breathing changed. The breathing seemed to have stopped and she took a couple random big breaths before she was gone. We all stood by her side rubbing her leg or arm telling we loved her. It was really sad but so peaceful. 

Things got wild with planning as Jeff's family from AZ were trying to get here with crazy Thanksgiving traffic. Jeff and I helped Iver with the planning, picking out the casket, looking for clothes, assisting Sue and John with the obit. This all took place within about 8-10 hours after she died. We had a busy exhausting, emotional day.

The visitation and funeral was really nice. Everyone loved her so much- she was such a sweet lady. Always so happy to see us. We are really going to miss her. 

Linda with her siblings at the visitation

funeral- grandsons were the pall bearers