Monday, November 25, 2013

Hide and Seek!

We were hanging out at Suzie's today and she had a sitter come for an hour or so. The kids and I got out of her hair and headed to the park. It was a nice day- kind of. I didn't realize that is was pretty chili. We managed to make fun and play some hide and seek. Isaac against Anna and myself. We would take turns hiding behind trees and then chase each other down. It was really fun! Isaac didn't want to go, he loves playing this kind of stuff!

I love these kiddos! 

mom's playdate!

Ellen, Lisa and I try to get together with our kids every couple of weeks. This passed weekend we had a playdate without the kids! The three of us went to the cities to do some shopping and eating. We stayed at the new hotel that is connected to the Mall of America- the Radisson Blu. It was awesome! We had so many laughs and such a wonderful time. We plan to do it again, for sure! 


dinner at Crave
Checking out with all our bags!

Christmas prep

Since Thanksgiving is so late this year we decided to put our tree up a little early. The kids enjoyed every minute of setting up the tree, lights and ornaments. It is so fun watching Christmas happen through their eyes. 

looking up at the tree- love


morning snuggles by the tree

Thursday, November 14, 2013

it's just underwear

The last few weeks I have been in the mood to get rid of stuff. Get rid of toys we don't play with, clothes that don't fit, etc. I have a great location for all these items, too.. Suzie's house! When we are done with clothes we pass them on as well as toys. It seems that as soon as we are done with certain toys Sullivan is just getting into them. It really is working out. I gave Suzie a bin of baby girl clothes and put it right in her car with no hesitation or emotional connections. I think it is because I will see Greta in these soon and it will bring a smile to my face just like when I see Sullivan wearing all of Isaac's clothes. 

So last week I was helping Isaac get dressed for the day and he put on some underwear and I noticed they were way too small- yep, size 2t! I cant believe he has been wearing the same underwear now as when he was being potty trained, they were probably one of the first pairs I bought him. So after doing laundry one day I came across the small undies again and thought it was time to pitch them (I don't think Suz wants hand me down undies), no big deal- right? No! It was a major deal. Every time I walked by the garbage in the bathroom my eye caught those red briefs I felt a pang of sadness. My baby is so grown up! So, I snapped a picture of the undies and shoved them to the bottom of the garbage so I wouldn't see them every time I walked by. 

It is funny to me how passing on clothes and toys doesn't phase me but an old pair of undies puts a big lump in my throat. Seriously Maggie, it's just underwear! So be it. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

new little girl in town

There is a new little girl in town and she has stolen our hearts. Suzie and Dave had their baby on November 5th, and I was so very lucky to witness the day and document it for them. It was calm, emotional, exhausting, tiring, and so exciting. Suzie did such a great job through the extreme pain she went through. When I saw that the baby was a girl I was so excited. I jumped ahead 5 years to the mother/daughter weekends we are going to have together. 

Isaac is so sweet and gentle to her. He melts me when he is with her.  

Anna has a real live doll to play with and she loves her to pieces. She wants to hold her and kiss her and just be with her at all times. It is so sweet. 

Congrats Suz and Dave- we couldn't be more excited for you!

Welcome to the world, Greta!

Suzie and her little girl

Margaret (Greta) Lynn Munce

Isaac and Greta

Anna and Greta

Monday, November 4, 2013

new hair style

Over the last couple of weeks Isaac has started being more curious about styling his hair different- faux hock, or parted over to the side. So when he asks to have it styled I usually help him out with some hair spray or the brush. Last night he told me he wanted to have it parted over to the side for school today.

Our conversation:

Mom: can I style my hair over to the side tomorrow?
Me: yes, I will have to get the hair spray or use the hair gel your daddy uses. 
Isaac: Hair gel? Did daddy borrow it from Wosje? (If you know who Wosje is you will think this is funny)

So this morning I put the spray in his hair and he combed it over. He also needed to bring his comb to school with him just in case his hair got messed up. 

funny kid. 

looking sharp

Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Saints Party

On Friday Isaac had his All Saints party at school. The kids are supposed to dress as a saint so he decided to be a hunter (OK, I decided he would be a hunter- I didn't want to buy 2 costumes). Yours truly was the party planner! It went pretty well. I think the kids had a good time and we did a couple of fun crafts- make silly spider hats and monster rocks. We also decorated cupcakes for our snack. In between crafts the kids played games like, pin the nose on the pumpkin and duck duck goose and simon says. Isaac told me his favorite part was playing duck duck goose! All the stuff we worked on in preparation and his favorite part was the game. Go figure! It was a fun morning. 

Isaac the hunter

Isaac's class with their silly spider hats on. 

Halloween 2013

We have developed a halloween tradition. The kids and I go see Jeff at work dressed in costume. Then we go see his grandma. After we see Cal we head back home and go to my brothers house down the street to go trick or treating with all the cousins. 

Isaac is always really good about giving Cal lots of loving and attention. Anna wasn't so sure. She wasn't sure about much as she didn't want to have any pictures taken this year. Oh well. 

Anna loved trick or treating. She loved going to each house and taking a hand full of candy. We made it a few blocks around our neighborhood before they got tired and cold. Isaac loved trick or treating, too. In fact he was going way too fast for us and I had to keep calling my sister in law to tell them to slow down and wait for us. 

Fun evening, for sure!


Pig.Which.Star Wars guy. Sully. Donatello

piggie trick or treating


football love

Whenever there is a football game on Jeff and Isaac venture down to the basement to watch it together. Sometimes, it is bedtime and as I am taking Anna to bed Jeff takes Isaac downstairs to watch the game. It isn't quite fair to Anna so if she catches wind she is right on their tail heading downstairs to play. Football is something Jeff and Isaac love to watch together- which is really fun for Jeff since Isaac is getting to the age where they can enjoy that kind of thing together. On Saturdays they both dress in their Notre Dame gear and watch the game. During half time they head outside to play a little game themselves. On Sundays they both wear Cowboys gear and do the same thing. It melts my heart to see the pride on Jeff's face.