Wednesday, October 30, 2013

family pics

We had family pictures taken while we were in California last month. If you know me, you know I get major anxiety when it comes to family pictures. I want them to turn out just right and I want more than anything for my kids to cooperate. 

I have been waiting and waiting to get the pictures from our photographer. When it popped up on my screen yesterday I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I fall in love with them every time I look at them. She captured some amazing shots. 


Friday, October 25, 2013


Jeff and I went to Isaac's conferences this last evening. We left feeling extremely proud of him. His teacher told us over and over how well of a student he is. He is a good listener, raises his hand and waits to be called on before he says his answer. He asks questions. He is very careful when working on coloring to make sure to do it just right. He knows everything he is supposed to know. He is nice to his friends. She said when he comes into class on Monday morning he tells the class about the football games- he knows all the scores to every game from the day before. Crazy, this kid is into numbers. My heart was so happy. 

Isaac turned 5 in April so we had the option to send him to kindergarten this year or wait a year and send him to jumpstart. We chose jumpstart. We never really even considered kindergarten this year because he is a younger for his grade and I wanted to give him all the benefits he could have. We were confident in our decision but we had many people question why we were waiting another year. It was a challenge and made me wonder if what we were doing was the right thing. After going to conferences last night I will tell you I feel 100% confident in my decision. 

Isaac 2013 

98 years

My grandpa turned 98 on Tuesday, October 22nd. Suzie and I drove to Mitchell to celebrate. It amazes me how well he is getting along, living in his own home at 98 years old. My aunt Janet lives with him so she helps. 

Grandpa's 6 children were there to celebrate with him, which is so wonderful. 

It was sure different this year taking a picture of grandpa and all his kids without grandma. It puts a big lump in my throat. 

I am looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with him. I cant wait until he turns 100!

grandpa and his kids
Jo. Janet. Bob. John. Mary. Marge

Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 21, 2013

freezer meals

Last week I was with Lisa and Ellen and Lisa was commenting on how she can't get supper cooked with her one year old twins. She can do it, but she has to have her husband home so he can help with the kids. I cant even begin to imagine. So we thought it would be fun to get together to make some freezer meals. We wanted to go to a home where there were no kid interruptions so we asked Suzie if we could cook at her old house, which is for sale so it is empty. Perfect plan. 

We met at the grocery store at 6:30 last evening and found all of our groceries, and some wine. We went to Suzie's with our pots and pans and utensils. We did forget a few things and lucky enough Suzie was over hanging out so she ran over to her new house to get the stuff we forgot. We made enough meals for the three of us and Suzie. So Suzie will have plenty of meals when the baby comes and our way to say, thanks for letting us use her kitchen. 

We were done by 11! Wow. 

We made 6 different meals- ham and potatoes, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, taco bake, chicken tetrazini, and chicken pot pies. This should get me through at least 15 meals. 

It was really fun! 

grocery store

mid cooking with our wine

the end!

Elmo Live

Last week Suzie and I took the kids to Elmo Live. When we booked the tickets several months ago we were able to get front row tickets, which included a meet and greet before the show. Isaac was totally into it from the get go, giving Bert a high five and playing hop scotch with him. Anna on the other hand was not interested in them. Stayed right in my arms. Sully, to my surprise was really into them. It was pretty sweet. 

After the meet and greet we found our seats, got a couple of snow cones (did I mention this was at 10am), and some cotton candy. Anna and Isaac both loved the show. We had front row so the kids were able to move around and dance a little right with the characters since they came down by us frequently. Sully loved the extra room to run around, too. 

It was a fun morning. When we left Anna told me she wanted to sit in Elmo's lap later. Ok, Anna- maybe next year. :)

Isaac and Grover

Bert and Isaac

Suzie. Sully. Bert

Grover. Isaac. Elmo
Anna and Me


Me giving Suzie a break from
chasing Sullivan around.
I didn't want her to go into labor at Elmo. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

movie date

When Jeff was on his guys trip I took the kids to the arcade to win some prizes. The arcade is right across the hall from the cheap movie theater. I decided to give it a whirl and see if I Anna could get through the movie- so far we haven't had much luck. I felt pretty dang brave taking both of them by myself. I am happy to say we made it through. We had lots of snacks and Anna started wondering the theater towards the end but as soon as I started packing up and threatening to leave she shaped right up and sat through the rest of the movie. Isaac had already seen the movie so he was prepped on the chance of leaving early and he was ok with it. Anna talked in her loud normal voice and I kept reminding her to whisper. We will get better, just gotta practice. I cant wait to be able to go to movies with my kids... 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

love letter

Anna walked out of her room with a purse and asked me what she could put in there. I mentioned several things- jewelry, snacks, toys, money, letters, etc. When I mentioned letters Isaac jumped up and began to write her a letter asking me how to spell. 

Talk about melt my heart one million times along with a proud mommy moment all wrapped into one... this is it.

To Anna I love (heart) you. Isaac

pumpkin fest

Even though it was pretty chili and super windy Saturday morning, we ventured out to the pumpkin fest at the local apple orchard. I am happy we went- the kids had so much fun. Suzie, Dave and Sullivan met us out there. 

I tried to pick Sullivan up and he just cried wanting to get down to be near Isaac. He loves Isaac. It is super sweet. 

The kids went on the little trains and Sullivan rode right along with them. Dave chased the trains around behind Sullivan making sure he didn't try to jump out, it was pretty funny (and sweet). The kids came back full of smiles. 

The kids (and myself) played in the hay for quite some time running and jumping around. It was fun- amazing what makes them happy. 

We finished off the morning finding pumpkins. Isaac found the perfect pumpkin and it was super heavy for him. It was so fun watching him haul it to the wagon. Anna found a little green one and we picked up a few extra.

Anna had so much fun when she went to bed last night she asked if we could go back to ride the ponies  and go in the bouncy house since we didn't do that yesterday. So today Isaac went to play with Capri and I woke Anna up early from her nap and took her. We had a good time again, but it was crazy busy. She got to ride the pony, ride the trains and jump in the bouncy houses.

Enjoy the pics

ready to go 

kids on the trains.

Isaac and Sullivan



My loves

carrying the heavy heavy pumpkin

family pic

heading out with our haul

Friday, October 11, 2013

the ultimate guys weekend

Jeff had the ultimate guys weekend- or his idea of the ultimate guys weekend. 

He met 8 of his old high school friends down in Dallas, Texas for a football fun weekend. On Saturday they watched Notre Dame play ASU. On Sunday Jeff and his cousin, Josh went to the Cowboys/Broncos.

He had a really fun time. 

All the dudes

At the Cowboys game

Anna and Isaac cheering from home. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

pee pee in the potty

I made a promise to myself that when we got home from California I was going to start potty training Anna. It is so much harder to take the time to potty train her because we have so much more going on then when I was potty training Isaac. We could be home all day every day. Now being home all day isn't an option. 

So Jeff is out of town (more details on this in a later blog) and the weather was crappy. We didn't have anything we had to do. This morning when Anna woke up her diaper was dry and I knew this is the time. So I took off her diaper and encouraged her to go potty in her Dora potty and she did! She went all afternoon and she didn't have any accidents. We even put on big girl underwear and went to pick up some food and no accidents. So, tomorrow after we drop Isaac off at school we are going to the store for pull ups and whatever else we need. We are doing this! YAY!!

Every time she would go we would all sing, "PEE PEE in the POTTY!" She loved it. I even caught her singing the song later on. She is so funny. 

peeing in the potty

guitar lessons

I ran across a friend of mine who started her little guy who is Isaac's age in guitar lessons. I knew instantly I wanted to get Isaac involved ASAP. So I contacted the guy, ordered the guitar and started the lessons. We started a week late with no guitar and the following week we were gone in CA so we had to make up another lesson with his teacher. Thankfully he has been really easy to work with and Isaac really likes him. Isaac is catching on really fast. They are working on learning their first song, Hot Cross Buns. 

I am trying to expose Isaac to other things in life, starting with guitar! 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coronado 2013

I cannot believe we let 3 years slip by without going to California. I know why we waited, we waited until life was easier to travel with 2 kids. It was. Travel was so easy this time. A few minor moments, but overall I have zero complaints. The kids did so well. 

We did soaked up lots of Coronado. We mostly just hung out at my parents place. All Anna wanted to do was swim in the hot pool (hot tub) and build sand castles. Isaac loved playing in the ocean and Anna wanted to go play but made sure she was holding Jeff's hand at all times. We spent some time with my friend, Sarah and her family. We went up to Huntington Beach one afternoon to go out in their duffy boat around the harbor- which was so fun. They came to Coronado for the day on Saturday and we enjoyed more pool and beach time. We did go check out Pacific Beach and took the kids on a bus/boat tour. We took the ferry to and from San Diego. Jeff and Isaac went to a Cowboys/Chargers football game. It was Isaac's first time going to a Cowboys game and Jeff was so excited to take him. He was up early and couldn't sleep because he was so excited- pretty sweet. While the boys were at the game Anna and I did a little shopping, went to the dog beach and swam. She loved the dog beach. Chasing dogs around and asking them their names. We also had some pictures taken of the 4 of us. Anna and I got our hair done and it was so sweet watching Anna get her hair curled and braided. Having a little girl is fun. 

Our last morning Isaac came in really early and woke us up. I got up to go snooze with him but before I fell back to sleep I got a glimpse of the sunrise and it was amazing coming up over the mountains. Then when I woke up for real I looked out the window and saw 3 dolphins swimming. What a great way to end our trip. 

See you next time, Coronado- sooner than later!
Enjoy the pictures. Lots of pictures!
peace from the beach!

Anna getting her hair curled

shades on upside down

Heading to San Diego on the ferry

boat/bus tour

playing in the tree
Midway in the background

Jeff and the kids playing on the beach
with the helicopters flying by.
This is Coronado to me. 

Heading out to the water
Jeff and Anna

Pacific Beach

Huntington Beach

Isaac and Brynn

Kids sound asleep on the duffy

Soccer in the morning
(coronado bridge in the background)


Flying the kite on Coronado

Heading out to dinner with the Belitz family
Jeff and I
sunset from the condo

Jeff and Isaac ready for the football game


Coronado dog beach


Jeff and his kids in Cowboys gear

"Oliver 2013"

Sunrise from the condo. 

Clayton's for breakfast our last morning.