Tuesday, July 16, 2013

little country fun

We were asked by some friends to go on this bus trip from the lake to the Zac Brown Band and Kenny Chesney concert in the cities several months ago. We had other things going on so we declined. The other things fell through and after a couple of drinks a couple of weeks ago our friend, Tommy asked us again if we wanted to go. He said they still had room on the bus and possible tickets. My wheels started turning trying to figure out if this could work. We had to figure out child care and some other logistics. I kind of put it all in Jeff's hands (since he and Tommy are really good friends and work together) to see if we could pull it off. Things started lining up and the next thing I know we are going! 

We left the lake at noon on a super nice bus and we arrived in the cities around 4. The concert was at 6 and we had a blast! We didn't know all the songs as we hadn't had much time to prepare. But Kenny played some old school stuff that I knew from back in the day. 

We got right back on the bus after the concert and came home- home around 3am. I was not in the best shape on Saturday but it sure felt good to be at the lake. 

I love how things like that work out. Jeff and I sure do have fun together! Fun with friends, too!

most of the group


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We had another fun weekend over the 4th at the lake. We got plenty of sun and spent some time with friends and family. The kids got to light off fireworks and both stayed up to watch the big fireworks show on the boat. When we would light off the works at the cabin Anna would run into our arms and ask us to cover her hears. Isaac got to hold the punk to light the works with Jeff. When we went to watch the works from the boat they both enjoyed the whole show and Anna fell asleep at the very end. 

We were able to spend some time with some of my high school friends and their kids. We met them at the park, on Miller's Bay and they came over to swim and play. We had a couple nights out with the kids and one adult night out. The kids both soaked up so much of their Uncle Joe and grandparents over the weekend, too. On Sunday morning we went mini golfing with the kids. Isaac did really well and Anna got through about 8 holes and then I took her back to Arnold's Park. We were all really exhausted by the time we got home. 

Anna was swimming all over the place and Isaac was, too. We had so much fun!


bonfire at the lake

boat naps!

smoke balls!

punk master!

covering her ears


Showing Sydney where to go


West O Brewery

Family pic while swimming

High school friends kids.

mini gofling

distracting the mini golfers

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a day trip

With the Ninja Turtles, Dora and Super Mario Brothers all at the Mall Of America Jeff and I decided that if we are at the lake on a Saturday and the weather is crappy we would head up there for the day. Well, last Saturday we did exactly that. We went to the lake expecting a beautiful weekend and woke up on Saturday to cool temps and wind so we packed up the kids, Joe and Linda and took off. Isaac was in heaven! He got to meet all the turtles and even a bad guy. Anna was happy, too- Dora and Boots were there! We all got to enjoy a few rides. They were previewing the Wii University so Isaac and I had a chance to play. We even got to play the new Luigi game wont be in stores until August. It was fun and now Isaac asks me every 5 minutes when we are getting a Wii U. We had a really fun day. Joe and Linda got a little shopping in, too. 

Isaac and some turtles

battling the foot ninja

Grandma and Anna with Boots and Dora

Our family on the log chute. :)

Isaac and Anna as Mario and Luigi. 

Jeff's new toy

After living in our home for 6+ years and mowing our yard year after year Jeff finally found a new option. We have been mowing our lawn twice a week and it takes 2 and a half hours per time and we are tired of it. So Jeff bought himself a riding mower! It has cut the mowing time in half and he wonders why he didn't do this years ago. Now mowing isn't such a nightmare!

Notice Jeff's beer in the cup holder... taking full advantage!

Jeff and his helper.