Thursday, June 20, 2013


My reason for this blog is to basically give myself a journal with all the adventures we experience- Our play dates, travels, activities, etc. I know most of the posts are happy and exciting things, I do feel I need to share the hard stuff too. Let's face it, parenting is tough. Sometimes it is so hard I just want to crawl into my bed and come out when my kids go to bed. I am having one of those feelings right now. 

I just put Anna into her room while she was kicking and screaming at me. If I do something the wrong way. If I don't let her do it by herself. If she has to transition from something she is having fun doing- she freaks out. And by freaking out, I don't mean a few tears. She lays on the floor and kicks and screams and if we are holding her she will kick, pinch, hit, and scratch. I think Jeff and I have a fair share of wounds from her. 

It is extremely challenging and I find myself fighting back my own tears most of the time. She does this on a day to day basis. I try really hard to be so patient with her. I try really hard. I feel bad for Isaac because he has to give in more than he should. 

It is also very difficult when people have their input in the situation. Someone will say, "oh, she is in the terrible 2's" or "do it this way" or "do it that way." I deal with it every day and I can handle it. I just need people to be patient with me, too. 

On Monday we were at the zoo with Isaac's classmate and her sister and mom- first play date ever. I didn't bring any cash so the other mom loaned me a few dollars for my kids to go on the carousel. When our ride was over Anna wanted to ride again and I had to tell her no- and she freaked. It was a good 5-10 minutes where she just laid on the ground and screamed (see pic below). Some guy walked by her and just gave me a nod and said, "just let her scream it out". Exactly. A few moments later when she was screaming an older lady came right up and looked her right in the face and then looked around (like she was looking for her mom). I said, "I am her mom and I am very well aware of the situation, thank you". The lady just gave me a very awkward look and walked away. It's like people think it doesn't bother me that she is so upset. Trust me, it breaks my heart into a million pieces. 

Yes, it is just a phase. I know someday these meltdowns will be long gone. But right now I have to approach every single situation so carefully to try to avoid the dreaded situation. If you ever see me standing on the sidelines while my daughter is freaking out please, just keep the opinions and thoughts to yourself. I am doing the best I can. 

She is an amazing and super fun little girl. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is just thickening me up a little. :)

sad girl. breaks my heart

Father's Day Weekend

We finally had a beautiful weekend at the lake. There was a little rain on Saturday but Saturday afternoon and Sunday were beautiful! We arrived Friday afternoon and took the kids to Arnold's Park to play. Saturday was spent lounging in the morning and boat rides in the afternoon. Sunday morning we went to breakfast with Jeff's parents and Joe and then came back to the cabin for swimming and playing on the beach with another boat ride to the Barefoot Bar. The kids played and played while we were there. We came back to Sioux Falls Sunday afternoon in time to have a BBQ with my family. 

We had so much fun celebrating daddy all weekend. Lots of playing and mostly happy kids. Isaac and Anna are so lucky to have the best daddy in the world! Thanks for everything you do, Jeff! 

Jeff and Isaac on the rides

Helping Daddy drive the boat!

Anna loved the jet ski! Isaac, too

Helping grandpa

Kids loving up their dad

Best Daddy sticker

My dad with all of his grandkids. 7... with #8 due in November!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

shop. eat. sleep. laugh...

We had another weekend away. Suzie, Mom and myself shopped, ate, laughed and slept. We hit the road for a weekend in the cities. We always have such a great time. This weekend was more focused on home interiors since Suzie is expecting and she cant really buy much for clothes. It was fun and we went to some pretty cool places.

Thanks mom and Suzie for the wonderful weekend! I love love making memories with you! Cant wait until next time. 


Monday, June 3, 2013

paint job

Suzie game me her old bed for Anna to use when she was done with her crib. The bed was white and really cute. We decided to add some color so I chose this deep hot pink color. It took a while for me to get to painting it as it is not easy with my 2 kiddos around at all times. Since we stayed home from the lake we had a chance to get to it. While Anna slept, I painted. Jeff came to help towards the end and Suzie came to help when Anna woke. Anna did help just a little bit. Check out the before and after!

bed before

the color I picked

paint. paint. paint

all done! love it!

birthday bowling

Jeff's Birthday was on Saturday and we had plans to go to the lake but with the forecast being so cold and crappy we opted to stay home. We had a bowling party with most of my family and then came to our house for a BBQ. It turned out to be a really fun day. 

Anna loves to sing. She sang happy birthday to her daddy about 50 times that day. Pretty sweet stuff. The kids loved their daddy up all day. 

Anna bowling

Happy Birthday DADDY!