Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just the two of us.

Jeff and I went away to Arizona last weekend. Just the two of us. Ahh, I love weekends when it is just the 2 of us! We have such a great time together. 

We arrived on Friday afternoon and got settled and then met Kristy, Scott, Jack and Patricia for dinner and drinks. Saturday we laid by the pool all day. We did a little shopping and went to a movie on Saturday evening. Sunday we laid by the pool for a couple of hours and went to lunch and bummed around for a while. We stopped by to see Kristy and Scott's new home, as well. We met John, Linda, Kristy, Scott, Jack, Patricia, Jaxson and Jace for dinner on Sunday evening. Monday morning we came home. 

I cant wait to do it again! Thank J for the wonderful weekend. 


down the hatch!

LOVE this. 

Soaking up the sun!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My date to the grocery store

Isaac goes to the grocery store with me every time I go. He likes to be my helper. He likes to run around the store. He likes to have one on one time with his mama! Tonight was no different. Lots of giggles and laughs. Love my little guy!

blending right in

catching a ride to the car

Happy Heart

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buddy and Pretty

This morning at church Isaac came back from children's church asking if he could get a fish. We said maybe. This afternoon he asked again and I thought, egh- why not. So I took the kids to the pet store and we were on the hunt for some fish. We ended up with a couple of betas. Isaac picked his out and I kind of picked Anna's out. Wow, did I have to keep an eye on Anna with that little fish. When we got loaded in the car leaving the pet store I looked back and saw Anna shaking up her fishy. Ahh! So Isaac decided to name is fish Goldie. Then it was Dino. And most recently he has decided on the name, Buddy. He has asked to feed the fish probably 5 times since we have purchased them. He is so funny. Anna picked her fishy's name right when we left the store. She picked the name, Pretty. Perfect. Let's see how the fish experience goes in our home. 

Kids checking out Buddy

Here is Pretty

LOVES soccer!

Isaac loves soccer. Loves it so much! When he finishes his game on Saturday he is already asking when his next game is. He has improved so much since last year, as well. Last year he was kind of a cheerleader. He would stand back and kind of watch his teammates play. This year he is right in the action. He scored the only goal last week! It is also really funny watching him with the other boys. They throw themselves on the ground and say the funniest things. Jeff is the coach this year and he is taking it very seriously, as well. Good job, Jeff!

Isaac and his teammates

running down the field!

spring program

Isaac had his school program last week. It is always so fun to watch. This year he sang some really fun and cute songs. He is such a happy kid and loves his school friends and his teachers. It makes me really happy. After each song he would give a really big exhale like a deep breath. We asked him what he thought about the program and he couldn't believe all the people that were there to watch. There were so many parents and family members as well as some of the kids from the older grades. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

full house

From the crazy storms last week much of the city was out of power. Lucky for us we only lost power for about 6 hours one day. My parents on the other hand weren't so lucky. They lost power on Thursday. They did stay home the first night and when they went to bed it was 60 degrees but when they woke up on Friday morning the temp in the house was 52 degrees. When the power wasn't back Friday evening they decided to come stay at our house since we have the extra room. We had also committed to watching Sullivan most of the weekend so Suzie could go on a girls trip and Dave had to work on call. 

We had a full house. 

But it was super fun and super easy. It was really nice having my mom around. She stayed home with the two little kids (Anna and Sully) so I could go with to Isaac's soccer game. When we got home from the soccer game my mom and I took my kids to lunch and to The Butterfly House. Jeff stayed home with Sullivan. 

My parents had full intention to stay over on Saturday night, too. At 8pm their power came back on so they went home after dinner. Dave came this morning around 9 to pick up Sullivan. 

Back to normal... for now! What a fun and busy weekend.

Grandma and Sullivan Saturday morning

loving grandpa time

sting rays at The Butterfly House

Isaac and Grandma

Anna and Me

Loving grandma time!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beautiful Disaster

I had the chance to head over to McKennan park to check out the disaster today for a little bit and to take some pictures. I wanted to share some. As I was walking to the park from Suzie's house I would hear pops and cracks as more branches came crashing down. It is a memory I will never forget. I am so so sad for our community. 

6th Ave facing North

Corner of 5th and Park Ave 
Homes on 5th Ave lost so much

Huge branches down in the park

McKennan Park

More street view

Turkey vulcher resting on a broken branch in the park

trees are laying on the power lines- not good

Hard to believe the weight of ice can destruct these trees. 


This week has been brutal in our little city. We knew we were going to get some nasty weather but we had no idea how bad it would get. Then it got worse. Tuesday morning we woke up early to rain pounding the windows and when Jeff opened the blinds it wasn't rain, it was ice. The rain/ice lasted most of the day. It continued through the night and through Wednesday. On Wednesday morning we lost power and we thought it was going to last overnight so we packed an overnight bag and headed to Suzie's. Fortunately it only lasted about 6 hours so we were able to come home in the early evening. We got over an inch of ice. Wednesday evening the snow came and we got about 6 inches of snow. Jeff had to help plow the Burger King lots so he left this morning at 3am and got home at 8am. School has been called off since Wednesday and they already called it off again for tomorrow. This storm has caused so many branches to fall and trees to basically crumble from the weight of the ice. It is so sad. 

Fence wrapped in ice
tree covered in ice with branches wilted

same tree weighted down by more snow and ice

Jeff can add "snow plow" to his resume

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Isaac turns 5!

I seriously cannot believe I have a 5 year old. I feel like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with him. I feel like it was yesterday when we were celebrating his first Birthday and now we are on number 5 already??! Oh man, time needs to slow down! 

I seem to relive the day he was born more frequently when his birthday is near. Some of my thoughts this last week have been more on Jeff's actions in the delivery room. Him bringing me ice chips and him eating them before me. I remember how he was such a huge cheerleader and sweating and so emotional. Such a change from the normal quiet-cool-calm-collected Jeff. How from the minute Isaac was born Jeff started calling him Superman (and he still calls him this). 

I think back to the memories when Isaac was so little and we struggled with the whole sleeping thing from early on and how we just never thought we would see the light. When we were so focused on getting him to crawl or walk or say words. We were so excited for him to go to activities and play groups or camps or start Miss Jaspers and Preschool. 

Now look, he is 5 years old. He doesn't need me to hold his hand in every step he takes. He wants to be out playing with his cousins or the neighbor kids. He wants to do it all on his own. Oh his actual Birthday evening we took the kids to Pizza Ranch for pizza and arcade- their favorite thing in the world and Jeff went to help him get his food and Isaac informed Jeff that he doesn't need his help- "I'm 5, 5 year olds get their own food." 

I still do get my love and snuggles. It is not all the time but it is when he wants to share his love. Thankfully for me he loves to snuggle his mama. :)

So this year for his birthday we got a hotel room and had a pool party. We had all the cousins (on my side) come swim and eat and just hang out. Everyone left the hotel around 9 and I stayed at the hotel with Owen, Capri and Isaac. We woke up early Monday morning (his actual Birthday) and had breakfast and swam some more before going home. Monday during the day we just kind of vegged out since we were all so exhausted from not enough sleep the night before and nonstop swimming. When Jeff got home from work we went to dinner. We came home and gave Isaac his present from us- his new bike! Big boy bike! He was really excited. 

He is so excited to be 5!

Owen and Anna going down the big slide

kids playing

Anna loves to swim!

Family Birthday pic

Happy Birthday buddy!

Blowing out the candles

Sully and Isaac

slumber party
sleepy kids

Birthday breakfast with Owen and Capri

my 5 year old!


testing out his new wheels!

Easter 2013

Our Easter tradition is going strong, I think 3 years strong. We are invited to Mandy's sister house on the farm near Colton. We eat and the kids go on an egg hunt. The kids run and play the entire time. We are so thankful for all of these wonderful people in our lives. 

(we did have a crazy mishap on Easter morning. Our water heater went out.. this cause for a very interesting and busy day.... and freezing cold shower)

Anna playing by the barn

kids checking out the eggs

Isaac egg hunting