Friday, March 29, 2013


So today I was working on painting a bed frame (pics to come when it is finished) and Anna was supposed to be napping (now that she is in a toddler bed the napping has kind of vanished). Isaac was outside every few minutes playing on his bike or just bopping around. He came up and wanted to help me paint and I had to explain to him that this kind of painting isn't really kid friendly. So he took his painting plan into his own hands and asked if he could paint with his paints- sure! He came out a few minutes later with some paints and talked about painting steps or something. I came inside to get cleaned up and I noticed Anna walking out of Isaac's room- covered in colors! I tracked down the culprit.... It was all of the paints Isaac pulled down from the shelf. She opened them all and was painting herself! There is no paint on the carpet... just on Anna! Ahh, I just let her finish. She was having so much fun....

A few minutes later after I got the paint put away I went to check on Isaac. He was outside... and sure enough he was painting our front steps blue! Ohmygoodness!!! Good thing it is washable finger paint. But whoa, what a day!

pipe cleaners + ribbon + finger paint =
one (colorful and messy) happy girl!

blue step masterpiece. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

big girl bed... take 2

We spent the week in Utah and Anna slept in a king size bed the entire week- and she did pretty good. We came home and attempted to get back to our old ways. The last 2 times she was in her crib she has managed to get out of her sleep sack and climb out of her crib. This morning she came right into our room at about 7:30am. We decided it is time to take the crib apart as we don't want her to get hurt climbing out.

I hope it goes well, this time. I hope we all sleep all night in our own beds.

toddler bed

toddler bed with our toddler

coloring Easter eggs

I kept telling Isaac we would dye Easter eggs after Anna's nap and he kept telling me that I was saying a bad word. He doesn't quite understand there is more than one definition for the word, dye. So I have resorted to "coloring" Easter eggs. 

It was quite funny. Isaac did really well and wanted to make the eggs exactly like Jeff's. Using the exact same colors and everything. Anna was a mess. She would drop the eggs in the bowls causing them to crack (they were hard boiled) and swirl them around. She ended up taking the shell off an egg and getting to the yoke and she threw that into the color. Ah, the joys of a 2 year old. 

Both kids had fun and want to do it again.. maybe next weekend. 

Happy kids...

monkey see... monkey do

working on her master piece
gotta love em


Park City, Utah

We spent last week in Utah with Jeff's family. Isaac went to ski school for 2 days with his cousin, Jaxson. I skied one afternoon with Jeff and spent the rest of the week hanging out with Anna. Jeff skied most of the week. We also spent one afternoon at the tube hill with the kids. 

Isaac and Jaxson were connected at the hip the whole time. When they weren't at ski school they were swimming, tubing and just playing in the rooms. They would play Mario, games, or with nerf guns. Lots of giggles. They had a great time. We finally were able to meet our nephew, Jace and he is such a little sweetie!  Anna's favorite part of the week was swimming and tubing. 

We cant wait to spend more time with the Olivers this summer at the lake. 

flying with the kids. Thank God for iPads

boys ready for ski school

my afternoon of skiing

highlight of my trip- beer between ski runs

Isaac at ski school

Jeff and Anna tubing


Isaac and I tubing
Anna's tube ride

she spent 20 minutes on this
Our family at the ski hill

My kiddos and I exploring

matchy matchy

Isaac and I under water

Anna loves to swim!

loving life!

buddy cousins!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swim & Gym

Our Friday evenings used to consist of too many beers and staying out way too late. Now our idea of fun on a friday night is swim and gym at the fitness center. Anna loves - LOVES to swim. Isaac loves - LOVES the gym. So we spend time doing both. We swim for a while then get changed into our jammies and play in the gym until closing time. Both kids are so exhausted by the time we get home they can hardly stand it. But they have so much fun and laugh the whole time.

Friday, March 15, 2013

nursery rhyme

Today Isaac's class dressed like a character out of a nursery rhyme. He decided to be the cow (the cow jumped over the moon). We got a cow print bandana and a cow bell from Hobby Lobby and a cow face with a nose that goes "moo" from Child's Play toys downtown. Jeff had the idea to use one of my socks as the tail and he was all set. They were all so excited for school today!

Back of the cow

front of the cow

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pee pee in the potty!

I have not been very proactive when it comes to potty training Anna. I think I learned with Isaac that potty training comes when they are ready, not when I am ready. She has been showing some signs that she is getting ready. But, whenever I initiate something she always wants her diaper on so I kind of let it go. This morning I took off her diaper and instead of putting on her diaper I put her pajamas back on. She went all morning without going. I would ask her every half hour or so and would try to put her on the potty and nothing happened. Close to noon I noticed she seemed to have to go so I brought her in there with her iPad and let her sit for a few minutes. I went in to check on her and she went potty! We were so excited.

I put her diaper on for her nap and after her nap I took it back off and she pooped in her pants a few minutes later and peed after that.... baby steps! I plan to work on this from here on out. Maybe she will be out of diapers by the summer! That would be wonderful.

Way to go, Anna!


Last week was my and Suzie's Birthday. We had a pretty low key night since it was a school/work night. Jeff and the kids spoiled me, like usual. I had Jeff take a pic of the kids and me and this is the best one. Ah, gotta love these kids!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

always making me laugh

As Isaac and I sit at the table today having some down time while Anna naps he stands up and pulls his underwear all the way up and says

"Hey mom, Do I look like my dad?"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

weekend wrap up

Things ran a little different than normal this weekend. Jeff went on a ski trip with his dad while I stayed home with the kids. It has been fine- moments get stressful. I did have our babysitter come last night so I could go to dinner and a movie with Suzie and Nikki. It has been a pajama weekend (as you can see in the pics below). Jeff has had an ultimate stress free weekend with early nights to bed and skiing all day. He deserves it. 

Jeff's Day

Skiing in Colorado

Eggs and fruit for this kid

my cleaner

spoon full of peanut butter!

Trip to the store for goodies and horse rides

Anna's turn!

visiting Suzie at work Friday evening for dinner.