Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Costa Rican Adventure!

Last year at this time we went with a bunch of friends to Mexico for a long weekend of drinks, sun and relaxing. Some of the people from last year booked another trip this year to Costa Rica and Jeff and I decided to tag along. We didn't know all the people in the group nearly as well as we did last year but we did know some of the people so it was all good. But, this year was a total different experience than last year. This year we did so many adventures.

On Thursday we hung around the pool in the morning and then in the afternoon we went on a sunset cruise. 

On Friday morning we were up bright and early and had plans to go white water rafting. This was my first experience white water rafting and it was crazy. It was really fun and relaxing at times and at times it was super scary. There were several times when we would get thrown off the raft and go under. One time Jeff was thrown off and got stuck under the raft and was in sheer panic mode. Towards the end of the trip we went off a 13 foot drop and we all got thrown. I came up and was under the raft and when I finally got away from the raft I was caught between the raft and the tall rocks and couldn't get a break and was kind of freaking out. Jeff was near me and was having a similar experience. They guides were able to pull us out into a little cove for us to get settled. On a positive note we did see monkeys. It was quite the adventure. 

On Saturday we had a quiet morning by the pool and in the afternoon we went to Tamarindo Beach. One of the most famous beaches in the world for surfing. It was amazing. The sunset was so awesome. We had an early dinner and then several of us hit the water. The waves kept crashing in and we would ride them in, I felt like a kid! We watched the sunset from the water.

Sunday was a major adventure day. We started with zip lining. That was fun. It was my second time doing this so it wasn't totally new to me. After zip lining we propelled down the side of the cliff and then climbed back up. I got about 1/3 of the way back up and then asked for help. Jeff made it closer to the top. It was so so hot out! After that we went horse back riding for about a half hour. This was so beautiful! Wow, just riding along the country side with amazing views. I tried to soak it all in. After the horse back ride we went tubing down the river. This was much more my style. A little adventure here and there but I didn't fall off at all. After the tubing we sat in a sauna for a few minutes and then covered ourselves in mud. We washed off and sat in the hot springs pool for a while. It was a perfect way to end the day. 

That pretty much sums up our trip. Enjoy all the pictures. There are a lot!

5 hour layover in Houston. Lots of drinks and laughs.  

Boarded the plane to Costa Rica! Jeff was in rare form. HA
Yay! We arrived!

90 Degrees and hot pink toe nails in the pool

the beach

heading out on a sunset cruise

Jeff jumping in the ocean from the boat

Sunset cruise

White water rafting. 

Here we go!

It was beautiful scenery

Jeff and I

Monkey in the tree!

This is the 13 foot drop. So scary

Just a pretty tree along the river

On our way to dinner

At our resort

At Tamarindo Beach


The group who were hitting the waves

zip lining

zip lining

our group

Jeff zip lining

Me propelling down the rocks

Hanging out

Jeff climbing back up

Horseback Riding
Volcanos in the background
ready for tubing

Jeff tubing

Jeff swinging from the rope into the water

Jeff and me. 

Jeff and the guys climbing the ladder to jump 

Sara and our drink for the week. Beer and Orange Juice

hot springs pool. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

separate ways

Tonight Jeff took Isaac skiing and I took Anna swimming. It was a lot of work, on both our ends it sounds like. I took Anna and she loved swimming. We swam for an hour and then took a shower. After the shower she wanted to go swimming again. I finally got her out of the locker room and we ended up playing in the gym until after 8 - after bedtime. When it was finally time to leave she was so tired and had some major meltdowns on the way out of there. I was happy to get her in the car and even happier to have her home in bed! Jeff took Isaac skiing and they said it was really busy. He said he got him down the hill twice and then had dinner. It was a real chore getting him to go skiing after that.

We decided that as much fun as we planned on having with the kids maybe the whole Friday night idea isn't the best and maybe we will have better luck on a Saturday morning when the kids aren't tired. 

Oh well, we tried. 
ready to ski

Anna playing in the gym-
in jammies and cowgirl boots- how she rolls. 

proud of his new skis

Jeff excited to take him skiing

Anna swimming- blurry. She wont stop moving

Anna's Vocab

Just a little glimpse into Anna's big world of words. Some are easy to understand and some only I understand. I know I am missing so many but this is all I can think of right now. 

Mommy ham me - Mommy help me
opote - open
wimming - swimming
twit deams - sweet dreams
canny- candy
barkey- banklet (her blanket)
seep sack - sleep sack
Icka- Isaac
Bacci - Capri
Ohno- Owen
Pia - Sophia
Sunninan - Sullivan
I you too- I love you, too

Anna Banana 2 years 1 month

Anna and her daddy

Anna's current obsession

At least once day- mostly twice a day you will hear this from Anna. "Anna take a tubby." Or, "Anna take a shower." She gives me these sweet little eyes and her tone is so tender and loving. She will proceed to get undressed and wait for me to turn the water on. She got a baby from her babysitter for Christmas that can go in the tub so she has to give her baby a bath or shower all the time. All the time. I don't remember Isaac being so obsessed with the tub- but he may have been. 

"Baby take a tubby"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

playing outside

This afternoon while Anna was napping Isaac asked to go downstairs to play on the wii. I offered to go outside to play with him since Anna was sleeping and he thought that was a much better idea! This is something I should do more often after seeing how much he loved to be out there. We played soccer, football, and he made snow angels. I had to come in to get Anna and he was outside begging me to get her bundled up to play, too. After some convincing I finally got her to go. My ticket to get her outside was to offer to swing her. We were out and playing and Anna was swinging with smiles and giggles. She loves to swing. Anna got cold so I came in with her and Isaac stayed out and played with the neighbors. He was out there for over 2 hours! He came in the house to some freshly made hot chocolate. I hope the temps stay a little warmer so he can spent more time outside this winter. 

I am pretty confident the reason the kids were sound asleep by 7:45 is because they spent so much time outside. Happy Mommy and Daddy. 

snow soccer. happy boy

swinging in the snow

happy girl