Tuesday, December 3, 2013

rest in peace, grandma cal

Jeff's phone rang extra early last Wednesday morning. Early enough for us to know it was something more than a work call. It was his mom calling from Arizona telling him that his grandma was dying and he needed to go wake up his grandpa since he wasn't answering his phone. So Jeff was on his way. After I dropped Isaac off at school and Anna at my mom's I went to sit with Jeff and Iver. It was very peaceful and quiet. Nurses and caretakers stopping in every few minutes to check on her and offer everyone something to drink or eat. Cal was taking deep slow breaths. Sue, John, Mark and Matt all arrived before her breathing changed. The breathing seemed to have stopped and she took a couple random big breaths before she was gone. We all stood by her side rubbing her leg or arm telling we loved her. It was really sad but so peaceful. 

Things got wild with planning as Jeff's family from AZ were trying to get here with crazy Thanksgiving traffic. Jeff and I helped Iver with the planning, picking out the casket, looking for clothes, assisting Sue and John with the obit. This all took place within about 8-10 hours after she died. We had a busy exhausting, emotional day.

The visitation and funeral was really nice. Everyone loved her so much- she was such a sweet lady. Always so happy to see us. We are really going to miss her. 

Linda with her siblings at the visitation

funeral- grandsons were the pall bearers