Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anna's 3 year appointment and Kindergarten shots for Isaac

I have not been very good about keeping up with yearly dr appointments with my kids. So today I scheduled Anna's 3 year appointment and Isaac's 5 year appointment with kindergarten shots. He turned 5 in April, oops! But we got it all done in one appointment. 

Anna was a total chatterbox and such a big girl. She let the Dr check her all over. She even took some time to show her a few owies- maybe even a couple of fake ones. Isaac did well, too. Took big breaths when asked and followed directions. 

Then it was time for shots, Anna got one and jumped up on the table and asked to go first. OK! She laid still and just twitched a little when she got her shot, not one tear. Isaac was big and brave for his shots- he got 5 pokes! Jeff and I kept telling him to breath as he was holding his breath. He did awesome, too. No tears! Easy peasy!

weight - 44.2lbs (46%) Height - 44 inches (38%)
weight - 29.2lbs (34%) Height - 37 inches (42%)

brave girl

decorating the Christmas tree