Monday, November 4, 2013

new hair style

Over the last couple of weeks Isaac has started being more curious about styling his hair different- faux hock, or parted over to the side. So when he asks to have it styled I usually help him out with some hair spray or the brush. Last night he told me he wanted to have it parted over to the side for school today.

Our conversation:

Mom: can I style my hair over to the side tomorrow?
Me: yes, I will have to get the hair spray or use the hair gel your daddy uses. 
Isaac: Hair gel? Did daddy borrow it from Wosje? (If you know who Wosje is you will think this is funny)

So this morning I put the spray in his hair and he combed it over. He also needed to bring his comb to school with him just in case his hair got messed up. 

funny kid. 

looking sharp