Thursday, November 14, 2013

it's just underwear

The last few weeks I have been in the mood to get rid of stuff. Get rid of toys we don't play with, clothes that don't fit, etc. I have a great location for all these items, too.. Suzie's house! When we are done with clothes we pass them on as well as toys. It seems that as soon as we are done with certain toys Sullivan is just getting into them. It really is working out. I gave Suzie a bin of baby girl clothes and put it right in her car with no hesitation or emotional connections. I think it is because I will see Greta in these soon and it will bring a smile to my face just like when I see Sullivan wearing all of Isaac's clothes. 

So last week I was helping Isaac get dressed for the day and he put on some underwear and I noticed they were way too small- yep, size 2t! I cant believe he has been wearing the same underwear now as when he was being potty trained, they were probably one of the first pairs I bought him. So after doing laundry one day I came across the small undies again and thought it was time to pitch them (I don't think Suz wants hand me down undies), no big deal- right? No! It was a major deal. Every time I walked by the garbage in the bathroom my eye caught those red briefs I felt a pang of sadness. My baby is so grown up! So, I snapped a picture of the undies and shoved them to the bottom of the garbage so I wouldn't see them every time I walked by. 

It is funny to me how passing on clothes and toys doesn't phase me but an old pair of undies puts a big lump in my throat. Seriously Maggie, it's just underwear! So be it.