Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

We have developed a halloween tradition. The kids and I go see Jeff at work dressed in costume. Then we go see his grandma. After we see Cal we head back home and go to my brothers house down the street to go trick or treating with all the cousins. 

Isaac is always really good about giving Cal lots of loving and attention. Anna wasn't so sure. She wasn't sure about much as she didn't want to have any pictures taken this year. Oh well. 

Anna loved trick or treating. She loved going to each house and taking a hand full of candy. We made it a few blocks around our neighborhood before they got tired and cold. Isaac loved trick or treating, too. In fact he was going way too fast for us and I had to keep calling my sister in law to tell them to slow down and wait for us. 

Fun evening, for sure!


Pig.Which.Star Wars guy. Sully. Donatello

piggie trick or treating