Sunday, October 13, 2013

pumpkin fest

Even though it was pretty chili and super windy Saturday morning, we ventured out to the pumpkin fest at the local apple orchard. I am happy we went- the kids had so much fun. Suzie, Dave and Sullivan met us out there. 

I tried to pick Sullivan up and he just cried wanting to get down to be near Isaac. He loves Isaac. It is super sweet. 

The kids went on the little trains and Sullivan rode right along with them. Dave chased the trains around behind Sullivan making sure he didn't try to jump out, it was pretty funny (and sweet). The kids came back full of smiles. 

The kids (and myself) played in the hay for quite some time running and jumping around. It was fun- amazing what makes them happy. 

We finished off the morning finding pumpkins. Isaac found the perfect pumpkin and it was super heavy for him. It was so fun watching him haul it to the wagon. Anna found a little green one and we picked up a few extra.

Anna had so much fun when she went to bed last night she asked if we could go back to ride the ponies  and go in the bouncy house since we didn't do that yesterday. So today Isaac went to play with Capri and I woke Anna up early from her nap and took her. We had a good time again, but it was crazy busy. She got to ride the pony, ride the trains and jump in the bouncy houses.

Enjoy the pics

ready to go 

kids on the trains.

Isaac and Sullivan



My loves

carrying the heavy heavy pumpkin

family pic

heading out with our haul