Sunday, October 6, 2013

pee pee in the potty

I made a promise to myself that when we got home from California I was going to start potty training Anna. It is so much harder to take the time to potty train her because we have so much more going on then when I was potty training Isaac. We could be home all day every day. Now being home all day isn't an option. 

So Jeff is out of town (more details on this in a later blog) and the weather was crappy. We didn't have anything we had to do. This morning when Anna woke up her diaper was dry and I knew this is the time. So I took off her diaper and encouraged her to go potty in her Dora potty and she did! She went all afternoon and she didn't have any accidents. We even put on big girl underwear and went to pick up some food and no accidents. So, tomorrow after we drop Isaac off at school we are going to the store for pull ups and whatever else we need. We are doing this! YAY!!

Every time she would go we would all sing, "PEE PEE in the POTTY!" She loved it. I even caught her singing the song later on. She is so funny. 

peeing in the potty