Monday, October 21, 2013

freezer meals

Last week I was with Lisa and Ellen and Lisa was commenting on how she can't get supper cooked with her one year old twins. She can do it, but she has to have her husband home so he can help with the kids. I cant even begin to imagine. So we thought it would be fun to get together to make some freezer meals. We wanted to go to a home where there were no kid interruptions so we asked Suzie if we could cook at her old house, which is for sale so it is empty. Perfect plan. 

We met at the grocery store at 6:30 last evening and found all of our groceries, and some wine. We went to Suzie's with our pots and pans and utensils. We did forget a few things and lucky enough Suzie was over hanging out so she ran over to her new house to get the stuff we forgot. We made enough meals for the three of us and Suzie. So Suzie will have plenty of meals when the baby comes and our way to say, thanks for letting us use her kitchen. 

We were done by 11! Wow. 

We made 6 different meals- ham and potatoes, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, taco bake, chicken tetrazini, and chicken pot pies. This should get me through at least 15 meals. 

It was really fun! 

grocery store

mid cooking with our wine

the end!