Monday, October 21, 2013

Elmo Live

Last week Suzie and I took the kids to Elmo Live. When we booked the tickets several months ago we were able to get front row tickets, which included a meet and greet before the show. Isaac was totally into it from the get go, giving Bert a high five and playing hop scotch with him. Anna on the other hand was not interested in them. Stayed right in my arms. Sully, to my surprise was really into them. It was pretty sweet. 

After the meet and greet we found our seats, got a couple of snow cones (did I mention this was at 10am), and some cotton candy. Anna and Isaac both loved the show. We had front row so the kids were able to move around and dance a little right with the characters since they came down by us frequently. Sully loved the extra room to run around, too. 

It was a fun morning. When we left Anna told me she wanted to sit in Elmo's lap later. Ok, Anna- maybe next year. :)

Isaac and Grover

Bert and Isaac

Suzie. Sully. Bert

Grover. Isaac. Elmo
Anna and Me


Me giving Suzie a break from
chasing Sullivan around.
I didn't want her to go into labor at Elmo.