Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coronado 2013

I cannot believe we let 3 years slip by without going to California. I know why we waited, we waited until life was easier to travel with 2 kids. It was. Travel was so easy this time. A few minor moments, but overall I have zero complaints. The kids did so well. 

We did soaked up lots of Coronado. We mostly just hung out at my parents place. All Anna wanted to do was swim in the hot pool (hot tub) and build sand castles. Isaac loved playing in the ocean and Anna wanted to go play but made sure she was holding Jeff's hand at all times. We spent some time with my friend, Sarah and her family. We went up to Huntington Beach one afternoon to go out in their duffy boat around the harbor- which was so fun. They came to Coronado for the day on Saturday and we enjoyed more pool and beach time. We did go check out Pacific Beach and took the kids on a bus/boat tour. We took the ferry to and from San Diego. Jeff and Isaac went to a Cowboys/Chargers football game. It was Isaac's first time going to a Cowboys game and Jeff was so excited to take him. He was up early and couldn't sleep because he was so excited- pretty sweet. While the boys were at the game Anna and I did a little shopping, went to the dog beach and swam. She loved the dog beach. Chasing dogs around and asking them their names. We also had some pictures taken of the 4 of us. Anna and I got our hair done and it was so sweet watching Anna get her hair curled and braided. Having a little girl is fun. 

Our last morning Isaac came in really early and woke us up. I got up to go snooze with him but before I fell back to sleep I got a glimpse of the sunrise and it was amazing coming up over the mountains. Then when I woke up for real I looked out the window and saw 3 dolphins swimming. What a great way to end our trip. 

See you next time, Coronado- sooner than later!
Enjoy the pictures. Lots of pictures!
peace from the beach!

Anna getting her hair curled

shades on upside down

Heading to San Diego on the ferry

boat/bus tour

playing in the tree
Midway in the background

Jeff and the kids playing on the beach
with the helicopters flying by.
This is Coronado to me. 

Heading out to the water
Jeff and Anna

Pacific Beach

Huntington Beach

Isaac and Brynn

Kids sound asleep on the duffy

Soccer in the morning
(coronado bridge in the background)


Flying the kite on Coronado

Heading out to dinner with the Belitz family
Jeff and I
sunset from the condo

Jeff and Isaac ready for the football game


Coronado dog beach


Jeff and his kids in Cowboys gear

"Oliver 2013"

Sunrise from the condo. 

Clayton's for breakfast our last morning.