Friday, October 25, 2013


Jeff and I went to Isaac's conferences this last evening. We left feeling extremely proud of him. His teacher told us over and over how well of a student he is. He is a good listener, raises his hand and waits to be called on before he says his answer. He asks questions. He is very careful when working on coloring to make sure to do it just right. He knows everything he is supposed to know. He is nice to his friends. She said when he comes into class on Monday morning he tells the class about the football games- he knows all the scores to every game from the day before. Crazy, this kid is into numbers. My heart was so happy. 

Isaac turned 5 in April so we had the option to send him to kindergarten this year or wait a year and send him to jumpstart. We chose jumpstart. We never really even considered kindergarten this year because he is a younger for his grade and I wanted to give him all the benefits he could have. We were confident in our decision but we had many people question why we were waiting another year. It was a challenge and made me wonder if what we were doing was the right thing. After going to conferences last night I will tell you I feel 100% confident in my decision. 

Isaac 2013