Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nebraska vs SDSU

This passed weekend SDSU played football against Nebraska in Lincoln. A bunch of our friends were going to be down there because most went to SDSU or Nebraska, Jeff included (Nebraska). Jeff and I made plans to go as well. We had a great time! We arrived Friday in time to go out to dinner and then have drinks with friends. On Saturday we went to eat at Jeff's favorite sandwich spot (Doozey's) and then met up with friends to tailgate and just hang out all day. Instead of going to the game we met up with Jamie and Joe and watched it at a local bar. We finished the night with late night pizza and home to bed by 10pm.

It was a fun weekend away. Jeff's parents watched the kids and they also had a good weekend. They took Isaac to soccer and Isaac scored 4 goals! So much fun that John and Linda could be there to watch him play.

Thanks for watching the kids so Jeff and I could go act like a couple of college kids for the weekend!

Friday night at Barry's

Wosje and Jeff at Doozey's


watchin the game with Joe and Jamie

pizza and beers