Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last weekend at the lake....

So crazy to think summer is a thing of the past. It is always a bummer leaving the lake for the last time of the year, yet we have exciting things coming up. Isaac starts soccer, Jeff and Isaac love to watch football. We have some fun trips coming up, as well. 

Our last weekend- Labor day weekend was fun. We spent all day Saturday in the water swimming and playing and relaxing. Sunday it was super windy but we went for a boat ride. I took Isaac mini golfing while Anna and Jeff went to the rides at Arnold's Park. Jeff and I were lucky enough to go out to dinner to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. Monday the kids helped get the jet ski in and we headed home in the early afternoon. 

I cant begin to thank John and Linda enough for letting us spend so much time at their cabin every summer. Thank you for the clean sheets, clean towels, food, drink, using the boat, etc. We are so lucky! It is sure to be a major childhood memory for our kids. We have so much fun and it is so fun to watch the kids get a little more brave every year. Isaac says he will jump off the end of the dock next summer. I am pretty sure he says that every summer. While Anna jumps off without a second thought. We are planning on getting Isaac up on skis next summer!

Adios Okoboji, See you next year!

family pic
Anna 2 1/2. Isaac 5

hanging with uncle joe

last little boat ride

Isaac and Anna with grandma and grandpa
(I think I figured out where Anna gets her looks- grandma)