Monday, September 9, 2013

grandma's garden

We are creating a new habit. In the last week we have been going to my mom's house right after we pick Isaac up from school to have lunch and then the kids go into her garden and pick treasures. They pick raspberries, tomatoes, peaches, basil, etc. Isaac goes right into her kitchen to find a bowl and heads out to harvest the crops. 

My mom told me last week that this was what she dreamed of when she became a grandma- for her grandkids to come over and do this kind of stuff. Guess what mom, this is my dream for my kids too. They love going to grandma's house. 

What a fun activity and what wonderful memories my kids will have. Thanks mom- we will stop by in a couple of days! 

picking goodies


bowl of goodies

butterflies in her garden, too