Sunday, September 15, 2013

20 year reunion and the dakota bowl

It was a very busy weekend. Fun, but busy! 

Friday night Jeff had his 20 year high school reunion! Crazy. We both went out to the reunion Friday evening. Jeff stayed out much later than me, which is to be expected. He had a great time catching up with everyone. Of course there were zero pictures taken. I am usually better about that stuff but I just let it slip. 

Saturday was the Dakota Bowl. Isaac is finally old enough to go to football camp! I have been waiting for him to be old enough since the year he was born and this was it. He had so much fun learning a few things about the game. Saturday evening I took the kids out to the game and Jeff had been out there most of the afternoon. He was co-chair for the event this year so he had a few more responsibilities. Again, I didn't even take my phone out for pictures at the game which I am regretting now. 

We had a great weekend. 

football camp

trying to catch the ball!