Monday, September 23, 2013

Kindermusik with Anna

Anna loves music class. She gets really excited whenever I tell her she gets to go the next morning. She loves to sing- yes she sings. She loves to dance and to stomp her feet. She loves to twirl and run. She loves to run and jump in my arms and yell- MOMMY! She loves to listen to the sounds and listen to the stories. And she really loves her teacher, Miss Becky. 


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nebraska vs SDSU

This passed weekend SDSU played football against Nebraska in Lincoln. A bunch of our friends were going to be down there because most went to SDSU or Nebraska, Jeff included (Nebraska). Jeff and I made plans to go as well. We had a great time! We arrived Friday in time to go out to dinner and then have drinks with friends. On Saturday we went to eat at Jeff's favorite sandwich spot (Doozey's) and then met up with friends to tailgate and just hang out all day. Instead of going to the game we met up with Jamie and Joe and watched it at a local bar. We finished the night with late night pizza and home to bed by 10pm.

It was a fun weekend away. Jeff's parents watched the kids and they also had a good weekend. They took Isaac to soccer and Isaac scored 4 goals! So much fun that John and Linda could be there to watch him play.

Thanks for watching the kids so Jeff and I could go act like a couple of college kids for the weekend!

Friday night at Barry's

Wosje and Jeff at Doozey's


watchin the game with Joe and Jamie

pizza and beers

Sunday, September 15, 2013

fall soccer

This is the first year Isaac is playing outside on bigger fields for soccer. They are also playing full games. So by the end of the game most of the kids are exhausted, sweaty and begging for breaks. Isaac loves to be out there. He is smiling, running, cheering for his team and running after the ball. He was able to play goalie last week and he told me that was really fun- such an important job! This week he even scored a goal! This week they played an older girls team and they won 3-1. He was excited.

I love being a soccer mom. I am the one on the sidelines cheering! I love to watch Isaac play soccer. 

kicking the ball

concentration- tongue out

big kick!

eye on the ball

go Isaac!

20 year reunion and the dakota bowl

It was a very busy weekend. Fun, but busy! 

Friday night Jeff had his 20 year high school reunion! Crazy. We both went out to the reunion Friday evening. Jeff stayed out much later than me, which is to be expected. He had a great time catching up with everyone. Of course there were zero pictures taken. I am usually better about that stuff but I just let it slip. 

Saturday was the Dakota Bowl. Isaac is finally old enough to go to football camp! I have been waiting for him to be old enough since the year he was born and this was it. He had so much fun learning a few things about the game. Saturday evening I took the kids out to the game and Jeff had been out there most of the afternoon. He was co-chair for the event this year so he had a few more responsibilities. Again, I didn't even take my phone out for pictures at the game which I am regretting now. 

We had a great weekend. 

football camp

trying to catch the ball!

Monday, September 9, 2013

grandma's garden

We are creating a new habit. In the last week we have been going to my mom's house right after we pick Isaac up from school to have lunch and then the kids go into her garden and pick treasures. They pick raspberries, tomatoes, peaches, basil, etc. Isaac goes right into her kitchen to find a bowl and heads out to harvest the crops. 

My mom told me last week that this was what she dreamed of when she became a grandma- for her grandkids to come over and do this kind of stuff. Guess what mom, this is my dream for my kids too. They love going to grandma's house. 

What a fun activity and what wonderful memories my kids will have. Thanks mom- we will stop by in a couple of days! 

picking goodies


bowl of goodies

butterflies in her garden, too

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last weekend at the lake....

So crazy to think summer is a thing of the past. It is always a bummer leaving the lake for the last time of the year, yet we have exciting things coming up. Isaac starts soccer, Jeff and Isaac love to watch football. We have some fun trips coming up, as well. 

Our last weekend- Labor day weekend was fun. We spent all day Saturday in the water swimming and playing and relaxing. Sunday it was super windy but we went for a boat ride. I took Isaac mini golfing while Anna and Jeff went to the rides at Arnold's Park. Jeff and I were lucky enough to go out to dinner to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary. Monday the kids helped get the jet ski in and we headed home in the early afternoon. 

I cant begin to thank John and Linda enough for letting us spend so much time at their cabin every summer. Thank you for the clean sheets, clean towels, food, drink, using the boat, etc. We are so lucky! It is sure to be a major childhood memory for our kids. We have so much fun and it is so fun to watch the kids get a little more brave every year. Isaac says he will jump off the end of the dock next summer. I am pretty sure he says that every summer. While Anna jumps off without a second thought. We are planning on getting Isaac up on skis next summer!

Adios Okoboji, See you next year!

family pic
Anna 2 1/2. Isaac 5

hanging with uncle joe

last little boat ride

Isaac and Anna with grandma and grandpa
(I think I figured out where Anna gets her looks- grandma)