Friday, August 16, 2013

proud mommy moment

My girlfriend's little boy started school and is in Isaac's class (his first time away from the same daycare he has gone to for years). I had a message from my girlfriend yesterday telling me the first day did not go well. Her little guy wouldn't let go of her and cried so hard. It took 3 teachers to get him into the school and the principal had to carry him. It took them a half hour to calm him down and to get him to his classroom. By the time it was ready to go home he was in a happy mood and ready for school the next day (today).

This morning I had a message from her saying that today her little boy wont be sad because Isaac cheers him up. Ok, melt my heart. I found out that he was dropped off at school before Isaac was so I asked Jeff how he was when he got there and he said that when Isaac got there his friend gave him a big hug and all went great.

It is funny how things work out. My girlfriend and I are so thankful that our kids are in class together. They have known each other forever so that little connection is going to help his transition so much. Since Isaac has been going to school for a couple of years he has the confidence to be the helper he needs to be.

As we were leaving school today, Isaac yelled to his friend... "Have a good weekend, sexy!" His friend yelled the same thing back.. both laughing.

Life is good.