Wednesday, August 28, 2013

one on one time

Now that Isaac is in school everyday (8-11) Anna and I are getting some serious one on one time. I am enjoying our mornings very much. We run errands, we snuggle at home, we go to the gym, we go to the park,  we play and read. She is such a good girl when it is just the 2 of us. We are starting Kindermusik again next week.

Last week we went to look for a big girl potty to start potty training and when Toys R Us didn't have the specific Dora potty she asked for I told her it was a naughty store. Now whenever I mention any store she always asks if that is the naughty store. Funny little girl. 

She is also back on naps. She went a few months without taking one but she hit a breaking point last week- crying over every little thing. So now most days I lay with her for a little bit in the afternoon and she zonks out most of the time. I always tell my kids, "I love you to the moon." Now when I lay down with her I tell her, "I love you" and she always says back, "I love you in the stars." In her sweet sweet little voice.

She asks about Isaac quite a bit and is always greeting him with a hug when we pick him up. 

My kiddos make my heart so happy. I am one lucky mama. 

Anna- 2 1/2