Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jump Start- 1st day of school

As much as I didn't want summer to end it sure does feel good to be getting back onto some sort of routine. Isaac has a new teacher this year, Miss Wilka. He was excited to meet her and told her all about the Mario Brothers and Ninja Turtles. He even showed off a little and whistled. It was adorable. 

Jeff took him to school this morning and Isaac was excited to be back. He was excited to see some of his friends from last year and to make new friends. When I picked him up he told me he had a fun day and he is excited to go back tomorrow. 

He will be going to school every day, 8-11. This year is a prep year for kindergarten. Since he has a later birthday (April) we decided to hold him back another year and let him grow up a little more.  

Isaac and his teacher, Miss Wilka

Isaac and Ozzy- 1st day

my big boy

found his friend, Rylan

happy to see his buddy, Devin

Lining up outside

heading into school