Thursday, August 29, 2013

my big girl

I had Anna's hair cut a few months ago and it was kind of a nightmare. She needed another cut so I scheduled it and was kind of dreading it with our previous experience. Boy, was I wrong! She was such a big girl. She walked right back to Sherie and sat like a big girl in the big girl chair and did what most gals do when they get their hair done- she started talking and didn't stop. Talked about the lake, going on an airplane ride, Isaac, and on and on. It was pretty sweet listening to her little voice. Then at the end she made sure to ask for an oscar (sucker). I was proud of my big girl!

Sorry the pics aren't the best quality. But they are pretty fun. 

talking and giggling

chop chop

my big girl

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

one on one time

Now that Isaac is in school everyday (8-11) Anna and I are getting some serious one on one time. I am enjoying our mornings very much. We run errands, we snuggle at home, we go to the gym, we go to the park,  we play and read. She is such a good girl when it is just the 2 of us. We are starting Kindermusik again next week.

Last week we went to look for a big girl potty to start potty training and when Toys R Us didn't have the specific Dora potty she asked for I told her it was a naughty store. Now whenever I mention any store she always asks if that is the naughty store. Funny little girl. 

She is also back on naps. She went a few months without taking one but she hit a breaking point last week- crying over every little thing. So now most days I lay with her for a little bit in the afternoon and she zonks out most of the time. I always tell my kids, "I love you to the moon." Now when I lay down with her I tell her, "I love you" and she always says back, "I love you in the stars." In her sweet sweet little voice.

She asks about Isaac quite a bit and is always greeting him with a hug when we pick him up. 

My kiddos make my heart so happy. I am one lucky mama. 

Anna- 2 1/2

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

before and after-- Anna's room

Wow. This process has taken me forever! I went to look for before pictures tonight and they are from when Anna was still sleeping in her sleep sack. But, it's finally finished! Anna's room is finished and I really do love all the special extra touches. 

I had it painted. I got her a new bed (actually a very old bed that I repainted). I found an old rocking chair when I was visiting my grandparents last year that I had recovered with fun fabric. I also had some zebra pictures from Suzie's wedding photographer that she shared from her trip to Africa. I found some other used and new items helped transform her room into a fun girly room.

Enjoy the transformation!

before- green walls and her crib

more green- more baby furniture

sample of the new color

new walls- activity area in the corner

painted bed, walls, lamp...

old bed. old nightstand

my favorite- zebras on the wall

reading corner- new bird print

rocking chair I had recovered

Anna- felt letters

cozy reading spot- new lamp from ikea

pink bed. zebras. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

proud mommy moment

My girlfriend's little boy started school and is in Isaac's class (his first time away from the same daycare he has gone to for years). I had a message from my girlfriend yesterday telling me the first day did not go well. Her little guy wouldn't let go of her and cried so hard. It took 3 teachers to get him into the school and the principal had to carry him. It took them a half hour to calm him down and to get him to his classroom. By the time it was ready to go home he was in a happy mood and ready for school the next day (today).

This morning I had a message from her saying that today her little boy wont be sad because Isaac cheers him up. Ok, melt my heart. I found out that he was dropped off at school before Isaac was so I asked Jeff how he was when he got there and he said that when Isaac got there his friend gave him a big hug and all went great.

It is funny how things work out. My girlfriend and I are so thankful that our kids are in class together. They have known each other forever so that little connection is going to help his transition so much. Since Isaac has been going to school for a couple of years he has the confidence to be the helper he needs to be.

As we were leaving school today, Isaac yelled to his friend... "Have a good weekend, sexy!" His friend yelled the same thing back.. both laughing.

Life is good.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jump Start- 1st day of school

As much as I didn't want summer to end it sure does feel good to be getting back onto some sort of routine. Isaac has a new teacher this year, Miss Wilka. He was excited to meet her and told her all about the Mario Brothers and Ninja Turtles. He even showed off a little and whistled. It was adorable. 

Jeff took him to school this morning and Isaac was excited to be back. He was excited to see some of his friends from last year and to make new friends. When I picked him up he told me he had a fun day and he is excited to go back tomorrow. 

He will be going to school every day, 8-11. This year is a prep year for kindergarten. Since he has a later birthday (April) we decided to hold him back another year and let him grow up a little more.  

Isaac and his teacher, Miss Wilka

Isaac and Ozzy- 1st day

my big boy

found his friend, Rylan

happy to see his buddy, Devin

Lining up outside

heading into school

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

frogs and toads

Our neighborhood is full of frogs and toads- especially after a big rain! All the kids have buckets, aquariums, and coolers full of them. They are hopping in the grass and in window wells. It is fun to watch the kids collect and play with them. 

neighbor boy showing off his catch

Sunday, August 11, 2013

puppy/kitty phase

Anna is full on in a puppy/kitty phase. She thinks she is a puppy/kitty most of the time with panting, barking and crawling. Yesterday we went to the store and she insisted on crawling. Everyone was looking at her and I just laughed and thought to myself, let her be little. 

cute little kitty

Connelly family takes over Lake Miltona

The kids and I got home from Okoboji on Thursday and hit the road on Saturday for a week long vacation in Minnesota with the Connelly family. Jeff stayed home to work for a couple of days so on the road there it was Suzie, Dave, Sullivan, Isaac, Anna and myself. It was one packed minivan but we made it with no problems. 

We rented a cabin on Lake Miltona, just north of Alexandria. It was beautiful and so peaceful. We had a great time fishing, swimming, having bon fires, feeding cows across the street, painting, going to baseball games, chasing rainbows, sleeping in bunk beds built into the cabin, baking, mock up golf challenges, playing on the swing set and so much more. We celebrated Shelley's 40th Birthday and My dad's 73rd Birthday. Sullivan took his first steps, too!

There was a little excitement with a boat starting on fire and the same boat almost sinking! Good thing it was my dad's fishing boat and not the one we rented. Whoa- something none of us will ever forget!

Car full

bunk beds- we all slept in the same room

Alex-Dad-Isaac-Capri going fishing

Check out that fish!

pocket full of posies...

Owen hunting for fish


new sweatshirt

Isaac's fish!

My fish!

Baseball game in Alexandria

feeding the cows

family pic

chasing rainbows!

Annual pic in front of the lake
(last year it was Lake Washington in Seattle)

Dad's Birthday golfing fun 
Isaac and Sullivan

Anna and grandma making grandpa's birthday treat

Oliver family at the lake

The cabin was full! Jeff's siblings were all together at the lake for John's 65th Birthday. We spent time on the water, at the park, on the go carts, at the barefoot bar, shopping, playing soccer, hanging out, playing sequence, having bon fires, camp (for Isaac and Jaxson), etc. It was fun to all be together!


Isaac and Jaxson on the roller coaster

Joe and Anna

dirty camp shoes!



Joe with all the kids


Whoa!! More tubing


Jaxson and Isaac VS grandpa and grandma

from Arizona


Tire swing

Teeter totter

teeter totter



All the grandkids.
Anna (2)-Isaac (5)- Jace (1)-Jaxson (5)

Isaac and Grandpa Johnny