Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a day trip

With the Ninja Turtles, Dora and Super Mario Brothers all at the Mall Of America Jeff and I decided that if we are at the lake on a Saturday and the weather is crappy we would head up there for the day. Well, last Saturday we did exactly that. We went to the lake expecting a beautiful weekend and woke up on Saturday to cool temps and wind so we packed up the kids, Joe and Linda and took off. Isaac was in heaven! He got to meet all the turtles and even a bad guy. Anna was happy, too- Dora and Boots were there! We all got to enjoy a few rides. They were previewing the Wii University so Isaac and I had a chance to play. We even got to play the new Luigi game wont be in stores until August. It was fun and now Isaac asks me every 5 minutes when we are getting a Wii U. We had a really fun day. Joe and Linda got a little shopping in, too. 

Isaac and some turtles

battling the foot ninja

Grandma and Anna with Boots and Dora

Our family on the log chute. :)

Isaac and Anna as Mario and Luigi.