Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The History of Scott's Supply

My Grandpa is the second generation in Scott's Supply so that makes my uncle, Bob the 3rd generation and my cousin, Chris the 4th generation. Last evening Chris and my grandpa gave a talk on the history of Scott's Supply. It was really interesting and fun to be there. Chris did most of the presentation but my grandpa would chime in with a story here and there. My great grandpa was the first and he opened Scott's Supply the year my grandpa was born so it has been in the family for over 97 years. Amazing.

Chris and my grandpa

my dad and isaac watching

Grandpa Wally (97 years)-Isaac (5 years)- Grandpa Paul (73 years) 
So on a different but similar subject... We have new neighbors who moved in across the street and I found out the family runs several John Deer dealership in the Mitchell area! Small world as they know my uncles as their competitors selling Case IH. So I simply sent my uncle a text letting him know about my new neighbors. Last night when I was in Mitchell my uncle John gave me a new ride on toy for my kids... a red Case IH tractor! Looks good getting a little red in the neighborhood!

Anna loves her new toy!