Monday, May 27, 2013

my heart melted.

Tonight when it was bedtime we asked Anna who we wanted to tuck her in. She told us she wanted Isaac. This isn't a first as she picks Isaac every now and again. Isaac got up and walked with her hand in hand to her bedroom. He was kind of taking a while in there so I snuck over to check on them. I looked in and listened to Isaac whisper, "goodnight, ok. See you the next day". He gave her a kiss and walked out. My heart melted. 
snuggles. November/2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We were all very excited to head to the lake for the long weekend! Unfortunately the weather was not very lake friendly. We came home a day early. While we were there the kids threw rocks in the lake and Anna ate some sand. We went to a movie (Anna and I spent most of the time at the concession stand getting more candy- she wouldn't sit still and wouldn't be quiet). The kids soaked up their grandpa and grandma. Anna got her nails painted by Grandma Linda and she loves them so much! 

I have a feeling this is going to be the new phase. She wont take off her princess dress and she wants her nails painted. Not sure who her mom is because that is not me! In fact, I remember refusing to wear a dress when I was little. 

Checking out the lake 

Anna got naked and wanted to go swimming! Brr

Throwing rocks in the water never gets old!

pretty nails 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Another summer starts so we buzzed Isaac's hair! Or Jeff buzzed his hair. It was not easy as Isaac was mad the whole time because it was so itchy. So if we do it again next year we will have Sherry do it. But the job is done and he looks great and so much older! Ahh!



The History of Scott's Supply

My Grandpa is the second generation in Scott's Supply so that makes my uncle, Bob the 3rd generation and my cousin, Chris the 4th generation. Last evening Chris and my grandpa gave a talk on the history of Scott's Supply. It was really interesting and fun to be there. Chris did most of the presentation but my grandpa would chime in with a story here and there. My great grandpa was the first and he opened Scott's Supply the year my grandpa was born so it has been in the family for over 97 years. Amazing.

Chris and my grandpa

my dad and isaac watching

Grandpa Wally (97 years)-Isaac (5 years)- Grandpa Paul (73 years) 
So on a different but similar subject... We have new neighbors who moved in across the street and I found out the family runs several John Deer dealership in the Mitchell area! Small world as they know my uncles as their competitors selling Case IH. So I simply sent my uncle a text letting him know about my new neighbors. Last night when I was in Mitchell my uncle John gave me a new ride on toy for my kids... a red Case IH tractor! Looks good getting a little red in the neighborhood!

Anna loves her new toy!

Twins Weekend

My girlfriend, Nikki and her husband celebrate their wedding anniversary every year by going to a Twins game. This year they invited us! So thoughtful of them! We took the opportunity and had a quick weekend away, as well. 

Friday night we went to the game. Saturday Jeff and I hit a few stores and had lunch at Johnny Rockets in the Mall of America. It hit the spot! Wow. Good burgers and an amazing cookies and cream shake! Saturday night we went to another game and we woke up Sunday morning and hit the road for home. 

great seats but freezing cold!


Jeff- Me-Nikki-Casey

Go Twins! Even though they lost both games.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

sprinkler party

We had a sprinkler party today since it was over 90 degrees! It was fun and crazy and chaotic with this group. The way it usually ends up! So much fun, though. 

Ellen, Lisa and I (the moms of these kids) have known each other since we were little. It is so great how we are friends after all these years and our kids play together on a regular basis. The kids range from 6 years old to 11 months old.  

The bottom picture is funny. It is of Anna and Molly (both December babies- one year apart). They fight over everything every time we get together- from snacks to toys. Lisa snapped the picture of the 2 of them today holding hands. Pretty sweet stuff. 


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I have 3 amazing reasons to celebrate Mother's Day. My two wonderful kiddos and my awesome husband! 

Today was a great day. The kids woke up super early- before 6. Ouch. I offered to get up with them but Jeff said he was already up. Isaac rolled over and asked me quietly, "mommy, is today Mother's Day"? I told him it was. He got up and told me he would be right back and to close my eyes. So I followed his direction. He came back in with a bag with a card in it and a couple of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups... he knows the way to my heart. My idea of breakfast in bed it peanut butter cups in bed! He left and closed the door behind him and I didn't hear from anyone until 8:15 when Jeff woke me up to get ready for church. 

After church we went to my moms to have brunch. After my mom's we went to see Jeff's grandma and then home. I went with Suzie to get flowers and came home to plant my pots and hang with the kids and Jeff. Anna painted. Isaac helped me plant. We played and it was a beautiful day. Wow, it was so nice out. 

Lucky me to have her as my daughter

Lucky me to have this guy as my son

I'm so lucky to be their MOM

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

blue scilla

My mom sent me a message today to tell me her blue scillas were blooming and to come take the kids pictures before they were gone. So we loaded up and headed over there. Here are a few of the pictures. 

peek a boo belly!