Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Isaac turns 5!

I seriously cannot believe I have a 5 year old. I feel like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with him. I feel like it was yesterday when we were celebrating his first Birthday and now we are on number 5 already??! Oh man, time needs to slow down! 

I seem to relive the day he was born more frequently when his birthday is near. Some of my thoughts this last week have been more on Jeff's actions in the delivery room. Him bringing me ice chips and him eating them before me. I remember how he was such a huge cheerleader and sweating and so emotional. Such a change from the normal quiet-cool-calm-collected Jeff. How from the minute Isaac was born Jeff started calling him Superman (and he still calls him this). 

I think back to the memories when Isaac was so little and we struggled with the whole sleeping thing from early on and how we just never thought we would see the light. When we were so focused on getting him to crawl or walk or say words. We were so excited for him to go to activities and play groups or camps or start Miss Jaspers and Preschool. 

Now look, he is 5 years old. He doesn't need me to hold his hand in every step he takes. He wants to be out playing with his cousins or the neighbor kids. He wants to do it all on his own. Oh his actual Birthday evening we took the kids to Pizza Ranch for pizza and arcade- their favorite thing in the world and Jeff went to help him get his food and Isaac informed Jeff that he doesn't need his help- "I'm 5, 5 year olds get their own food." 

I still do get my love and snuggles. It is not all the time but it is when he wants to share his love. Thankfully for me he loves to snuggle his mama. :)

So this year for his birthday we got a hotel room and had a pool party. We had all the cousins (on my side) come swim and eat and just hang out. Everyone left the hotel around 9 and I stayed at the hotel with Owen, Capri and Isaac. We woke up early Monday morning (his actual Birthday) and had breakfast and swam some more before going home. Monday during the day we just kind of vegged out since we were all so exhausted from not enough sleep the night before and nonstop swimming. When Jeff got home from work we went to dinner. We came home and gave Isaac his present from us- his new bike! Big boy bike! He was really excited. 

He is so excited to be 5!

Owen and Anna going down the big slide

kids playing

Anna loves to swim!

Family Birthday pic

Happy Birthday buddy!

Blowing out the candles

Sully and Isaac

slumber party
sleepy kids

Birthday breakfast with Owen and Capri

my 5 year old!


testing out his new wheels!