Sunday, April 14, 2013

full house

From the crazy storms last week much of the city was out of power. Lucky for us we only lost power for about 6 hours one day. My parents on the other hand weren't so lucky. They lost power on Thursday. They did stay home the first night and when they went to bed it was 60 degrees but when they woke up on Friday morning the temp in the house was 52 degrees. When the power wasn't back Friday evening they decided to come stay at our house since we have the extra room. We had also committed to watching Sullivan most of the weekend so Suzie could go on a girls trip and Dave had to work on call. 

We had a full house. 

But it was super fun and super easy. It was really nice having my mom around. She stayed home with the two little kids (Anna and Sully) so I could go with to Isaac's soccer game. When we got home from the soccer game my mom and I took my kids to lunch and to The Butterfly House. Jeff stayed home with Sullivan. 

My parents had full intention to stay over on Saturday night, too. At 8pm their power came back on so they went home after dinner. Dave came this morning around 9 to pick up Sullivan. 

Back to normal... for now! What a fun and busy weekend.

Grandma and Sullivan Saturday morning

loving grandpa time

sting rays at The Butterfly House

Isaac and Grandma

Anna and Me

Loving grandma time!