Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buddy and Pretty

This morning at church Isaac came back from children's church asking if he could get a fish. We said maybe. This afternoon he asked again and I thought, egh- why not. So I took the kids to the pet store and we were on the hunt for some fish. We ended up with a couple of betas. Isaac picked his out and I kind of picked Anna's out. Wow, did I have to keep an eye on Anna with that little fish. When we got loaded in the car leaving the pet store I looked back and saw Anna shaking up her fishy. Ahh! So Isaac decided to name is fish Goldie. Then it was Dino. And most recently he has decided on the name, Buddy. He has asked to feed the fish probably 5 times since we have purchased them. He is so funny. Anna picked her fishy's name right when we left the store. She picked the name, Pretty. Perfect. Let's see how the fish experience goes in our home. 

Kids checking out Buddy

Here is Pretty