Sunday, March 24, 2013

Park City, Utah

We spent last week in Utah with Jeff's family. Isaac went to ski school for 2 days with his cousin, Jaxson. I skied one afternoon with Jeff and spent the rest of the week hanging out with Anna. Jeff skied most of the week. We also spent one afternoon at the tube hill with the kids. 

Isaac and Jaxson were connected at the hip the whole time. When they weren't at ski school they were swimming, tubing and just playing in the rooms. They would play Mario, games, or with nerf guns. Lots of giggles. They had a great time. We finally were able to meet our nephew, Jace and he is such a little sweetie!  Anna's favorite part of the week was swimming and tubing. 

We cant wait to spend more time with the Olivers this summer at the lake. 

flying with the kids. Thank God for iPads

boys ready for ski school

my afternoon of skiing

highlight of my trip- beer between ski runs

Isaac at ski school

Jeff and Anna tubing


Isaac and I tubing
Anna's tube ride

she spent 20 minutes on this
Our family at the ski hill

My kiddos and I exploring

matchy matchy

Isaac and I under water

Anna loves to swim!

loving life!

buddy cousins!